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Definition — “[ESI] stands for the ‘Employee’s State Insurance’ and is a self-financing standardized social security as well as health care coverage insurance scheme,” In order to which the employer/employee makes a registration i.e, ESI registration.”

Fast forward, In accordance with ESI act, 1948; the ESI scheme is managed by ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation), which itself is an autonomous body created by the law of India’s government, underneath the ministry of labour and employment.

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[ESI Register; It in complete stands for ’employee’s state insurance register’, and somehow means – make yourself register with ESI.]

All right, in order to do so & so crawl till the last heading, illustrating the complete ESI registration process. Not only the registration, we too will allot you the full assistance in respect of the below-shown commodities –

Establish ESI Number

For you – we will establish a 17 digit Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) number.

ESIC Registration

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Check ESI Status

We will do a thorough check of your Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) status.

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All You Need To Know About - ESIC & ESI Registration

Liberating Your Employee’s Dream? Register An — ESI With Us!

Being India’s no #1 business service platform provider, we allot you the full assistance in respect of the ESIC & itself the ESI registration.

Likely to be contained – ESIC registration >> ESIC login >> ESIC payment >> ESIC number search by name… Next, in the faith of ESI registration, we allot – ESI registration form >> ESI login >> ESI number >> ESI filing…

But before these all, one might be glancing for: what is ESIC/ESI? Letting you – the depth overview of the same…

[ESIC/ESI] both are abbreviated as – “Employee’s State Insurance Corporation” and “Employee’s State Insurance”, respectively.

Fast forward, in accordance with the rules & regulations prescribed in the ESI act, 1948; ESI (Employee’s State Insurance) is a self-financing social security & health insurance fund scheme, for all the Indian employers/e’s.

what is ESIC-ESI

Whereon – it is no secret that the ESI scheme is started for Indian workers and is completely managed by the ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation). Henceforth, the ESIC through his large network of ESI branch offices, ESI dispensaries and ESI hospitals, aligns the employee and their family with a huge variety of monetary, sickness, vocational, dependent, medical, maternity, disablement, education and much more benefits from the employer.

But, what the eligibility for ESI or who is eligible for ESI?

Literally, for grabbing the ESI, it is mandatory for the organizations, employing 10 & somewhere 20 or more employees ( State Wise -[popup_anything id=”3039″]) to have the ESI registration. Often, it too is mandatory for the employees earning less than Rs. 15,000 per month to get registered under ESI through ESIC.

In other words – any of the organization holding more than 10 & somewhere 20 employees who have a maximum salary of Rs. 15,000 has to mandatorily register itself under ESI registration with the ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation), within 15 days of the ESI act, 1948 applicability.

ESIC & ESI Registration

Now, you might be looking for – what these ESI funds is made of?

Meanwhile, you’re looking beyond the ESI process! The very process says – benefits provided by the scheme are funded from the contributions raised by the employees and their employers, at the fixed percentage of wages.

There out the contribution percentage raised by the employer is 4.75% (3% in newly implemented areas for the initial 2 years) of the total monthly salary payable to the employees.

Whereas, the contribution percentage raised by the employee is 1.75% (1% in newly implemented areas for the initial 2 years) of his monthly salary, every month of the year. Next, the contribution raised by the state government is 1/8th of the total medical benefits.

However, there is no exemption to the employees in paying his/her contribution, instead of the employee whose salary is less than Rs 100/day.

Finally, let’s reach out to the entities which undercome the ESIC. In accordance with the government notification dated Sec 1(5) of the ESI act, following illustrated are the entities that are covered under the ESIC.

  • Shops
  • Private educational institutions
  • Newspaper establishments
  • Restaurants, etc – engaged in sales
  • Cinemas
  • Motor transport establishments

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Benefits Of ESI & Its Registration

As off – ESI registration is one of the most reliable, beneficial & mandatory scheme, run by the government of India!

Being so and so, it covers all the risk factors of the wage earners, drawing less than or equal to Rs 15,000 per month and of the employees working in an organized sector.

To which ESI registration predicts the following social security benefits or advantages; elaborated as follows :-

Benefits Of ESI & Its Registration

Sickness Benefit

Among all, one of the beneficial ESI benefit! 

Under this alternative – the insured person in the event of sickness, resulting in the absence of work is allotted by the sickness benefits.

The benefits are usually in the form of cash but are allotted later to the submission of the medical form, certified by the insurance medical officer. 

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Dependent Benefit

This benefit is also abbreviated as “Family Pension”!

Well, it is one of the unluckiest benefit, usually allotted to the family of the insured person.

It (dependent benefit) becomes payable to the dependents of a deceased insured employee, whenever the death occurs due to the employment injury, employment sickness or an occupational disease.

Disablement Benefit

It somehow and some of it relates to the dependent benefit!

Fast forward, the alternate benefit is payable itself to the insured persons, instead of the family.

Contiguously, the payable persons suffering from the disablement due to the employment injury or occupational disease should be an employee on the particular accident date.

Medical Benefit

The alternative benefit responsibility depends upon the state government!

Subsequently, in accordance with the ESI act, 1948 – there are three (3) types of medical benefits.

01: Primary >> Basic Ailments.
02: Secondary >> Basic Hospitalization.
03: Tertiary (SST) >> Higher Treatment & Surgeries.

Maternity Benefit

Like other, one of the most reliable & beneficial ESI benefit!

Well, the alternative benefit is payable to the insured women and in the case related to pregnancy only/-

Fast forward, the insured women suffering from confinement or miscarriage or other sickness related to pregnancy should be an employee of the particular organization.

Documents Required For ESI Registration

Following are the documents required/demanded from ESIC for ESI Registration in India: elaborated as follows :-

  • Certificate Of License -:- A registration or license certificate obtained either under the “factories” or “shops & establishment” act.
  • Certificate Of Registration -:- Yes-Yes-Yes, a certificate of registration or Memorandum and articles of association or Partnership deed or Trust deed, just depending upon the constitution of the ownership and establishment.

  • Certificate Of Commencement -:- Literally, a certificate either of the commencement of production or registration number of CST/ST.
  • Identity & Address Proofs -:- At last, a list along with the PAN card, address proof, salary, compensation and attendance details of all the employees, directors and shareholders working in or joined with the establishment.

Note: All required documents must be — valid, recent and signed digitally.

Documents Required For ESI Registration

Key Highlights Of ESI Registration

From the knowledge of ESIC — employee’s state insurance (ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme, allotted for the Indian workers. The very scheme protects them during the sickness, injury or any other disability.

Further on, to make it a bit easier for you to understand the things, we encapsulated and elaborated the key highlights of the ESI registration.

Let’s discuss them in detail…

Key Highlights Of ESI Registration


ESI is abbreviated as “Employees’ State Insurance”! It is a kind of social security & health insurance perk allotted to the employees working in any of the organization.

Monthly ESI Return

Unit or establishment under the ESI coverage mandatorily should file the annual ESI return on half yearly basis, dated – 11th May & 11th November of every year.

However, the organization too needs to show the changes during the preceding year, if any. Later, the contribution return enclosing-copy of all the paid ESI contributions, need to be submitted once every six months.

ESI Fund Contribution

ESI (Employees’ State Insurance) fund is made from the contribution done by the employers, employees and state government.

To which the percentage of contribution is as – 4.75 % (sometimes 3 %), 1.75 % (sometimes 1%) and 1/8 share cost of the medical benefit, respectively.

ESIC Penalties

If the employer or employee found to be disobeying the ESIC act, s/he might face several consequences, stated under section 45.

Subsequently, the criminal and civil prosecution will be initiated under section 85 (a) – (g). They might attract fine & imprisonment up to a maximum of 3 years.

ESI Registration Process | LeadingFile

Discover How We Can Help You With Your ESI Registration Procedure?

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As off – the registration of employers/employees under ESI act is fully online. Whereon, there is no need for any manual intervention or approval. So, join a community overflowing with the online business opportunities & secretarial compliances.; can assist you in obtaining ESI registration, online within 12 – 20 working days, subject to the govt and client processing time.

ESI Registration Process

Free Consultation

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Application Form Preparation

Under this alternative, a LeadingFile ESI expert will prepare the ESI application form for the sake of ESI registration, online at the unified portal i.e, ESIC.

Later to the ESI form preparation & filing, you will be required to allot the all necessary supporting documents along with the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). Upon filing the ESI (Employee’s State Insurance) application form, ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation) verification will be done in the faith of ESI (Employee’s State Insurance) code generation.

[ESIC Verification; Different place & different meaning, here ESIC Verification means that the verification will be conducted on the behalf of ESIC and by the attorney of ESCI.]

ESI Verification

As discussed above – once the ESI application form is prepared and sent, details allotted by you will be verified.

Later to which, the ESIC office will process the application form and will provide you with an ESI code number by which you can look after the ESI status.

Application Form Submission

Utmost last step! Under this alternative step, the ESI application form after being verified is submitted to the ESIC.

Upon the submission, we shall send you the 17 digit ID number, ESI number and Temporary identity card. At last, a copy of the registration letter (C-11) can be printed.

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