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Being An India’s Largest Business Service Platform Provider, we assign for proprietorship registration and many more services. Now let’s get cracked, what this registration is for and what it is?

Proprietorship is a nickname for the proprietor to do the business. Very often, it is a model for every small business in an unorganized sector. Quite, proprietorship means the ownership and the proprietor equal the owner.

Let’s get engaged with the same;

You can register or index your sole proprietorship firm registration along with LeadingFile in three easy manners via obtaining:

1: A GST Registration,

2: A Registration Under The Establishment Act.

3: And Via Obtaining A Udyog Aadhaar Under The Ministry Of MSME.

How to register a proprietorship

Our Feats In Sole Proprietorship Registration

The first thing needs to be understood by one, What Is Sole Proprietorship? Quite Easy!

“Sole Proprietorship is often known as Sole Trader or simply a Proprietorship.”

The sole proprietorship is a type of unincorporated entity that is owned, managed, and controlled by one person. Even it is one of the most common form of business in India, which is used by most of the micro and small businesses, operated under the unincorporated sectors.

Hence, if one wish to begin a new business with a small capital and along with low risk involved, then, sole proprietorship is the best option to start with.

Proprietorships are very easy to tackle and there is very little regulatory compliance requirement for the initialization and operations of the same.

Often, the proprietorship registration has no assigned arrangement. But here, at LeadingFile we provide the best and the cost-effective sole proprietorship firm registration. Out of this, the existence of the same should be established through tax registration and other business registration, which is required necessary to be in accordance with the rules and regulations of a business.

For illustration, Service Tax or GST Registration or VAT can be obtained over the name of the proprietor to ensure that the owner is running a business as the sole proprietorship.

Hence, all the registration for an ownership/proprietorship will be over the name of the owner/proprietor, where all the liabilities of a proprietorship is personally responsible for the proprietor.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

LeadingFile: is a leader, which provides the Best Company Registration Services In India. Thereout offering a variety of company registrations; which are as follows:

Further, selecting the appropriate one need to be registered, the average time interval to finish a proprietorship registration is 3 to 5 working days. However, these days are subject to government processing time and clients document submission.

Thus, for possessing the benefits of a sole proprietorship, get a free consultant by scheduling an appointment with LeadingFile Advisors.

Advantages Of Opting A Sole Proprietorship With LeadingFile

Benefits/Advantages of opting a proprietorship can be classified into two categories; which are as follows:-

  • Entity Type Benefits
  • Registration Type Benefits

However, these benefits are available irrespective of registration. Meanwhile to say! You register or not, you are definitely going to hold these benefits if you start a sole proprietorship. Now, let’s get cracked to these benefits in detail —

Sole Proprietorship Entity Type Benefits

There are several benefits of starting a business as a proprietorship entity type, which are as follows:

Less Compliance

Proprietorship leads to less compliance! This can be said because, even after getting registered under any Act, ownership does not have to file any separate tax return for the business.

The sole proprietorship only has to file his own tax return. However, the other like partnership and company, the entity have to file a separate tax return for the business.

Whereas, if it has been registered under GST, then, has to file the returns for GST Compliance, but for income tax purposes no separate tax return filing is required.

Business Name

A sole proprietor can start a business with any name as long as it is not violating any trademark.

Further, after making a goodwill, one can get a registered trademark for his name. Because,  a business name is not a brand name and since the name is not registered, any other person can use the same business name.

However, if you wish to register a brand name then you have to register your Trademark Registration, not the sole proprietorship registration. Because it is not a brand name registration.

Easy To Start

A sole proprietorship requires minimal registration. Needless to say! It is one of the easiest forms of business entity to start with minimal formalities.

On the other hand – for new registrations, it becomes quite harder to open an account or get a payment gateway after starting up a ownership.

Single Promoter

Proprietorship deals with the single promoter!

However, In order to register a person company, a nominated director is required and for every other type of entities like Company or LLP or Partnership Firm, two or more than that promoters are required.

Easy To Close

As the business and the owner is considered same and not the separate entity, there is no special close-up process as in the case of other entities.

However, the winding-up of the business is easy and the only requirement is cancellation of tax registration. If any, like GST Registration.

Sole Proprietorship Registration Type Benefits

There are two major benefits of starting a business as a proprietorship registration type, which are as follows:

Business Identity

A unique and separate business identity which is available in case of other entities, like partnership or company.

Easy to Open An Account

The major concern for a proprietor in case of a sole proprietorship is getting a bank account in the name of the business.

Since a proprietorship is not having a Govt identity, it becomes difficult to prove the existence of a business.

However, It too becomes easier to open a bank account in the name of the business after registering it, because after the registration business gets a valid Government identity.

Sole Proprietorship Registration Type Benefits

Documents Required For Proprietorship Firm

Following are the documents required for sole proprietorship registration; which are as follows:-

Identity and Address Proof

Well, In case of nationality Indian, PAN Cards is compulsory. Whereas, in case of foreign nationality, apostilled or notarized copy of a passport is the must from all the shareholders and directors of the company.

Very often, all submitted documents should be valid and well checked. Residual proof documents like bank statements or electricity bills need to be less than 2 months old.

Registered Office Proof

To claim the bout at the registered office, a recent copy of the electricity bill or tax receipt or water bill need to be submitted from any of the shareholder or director of the same firm.

Consequently the utility bill, rental agreement or sale, along with a notified letter for the landowner, with his consent to use the office as a registered office of a company.

Aadhaar Card Copy Of Proprietor

Proprietor needs to submit a copy of his/her aadhaar card. Because without aadhaar your paperwork is going to be rather difficult from here on. As off, It has become mandatory.

Well, this Id proof should be submitted by the proprietor and to the registrar only. None of the shareholder or director should feed this Id to the registration office.

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Our Approach To Solely Proprietorship Registration can assist you in registering a proprietorship within 3 to 5 working days, subject to the Govt and client processing time.

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Proprietorship? Request a call to LeadingFile Business Advisor.

Startup Consultation

There is no specific procedure of incorporation under sole proprietorship.

Further, if you willing to startup consultation then our business advisor will guide you the best way to establish a proprietary firm identity and open a bank account on the case-by-case basis.

Proprietorship Registration

Tax Registration

We can identify proprietorship via tax registration. Figuring the same, such as TAN OR VAT registration or Service Tax registration or GST registration.

Further on – for receiving the tax registration on the basis of a type of business and solely to the name of the proprietor – join us!

Udyog Aadhaar

This registration is for all micro, small and medium-sized firms. However, any of the applicant or authorized signatory can use or enroll for udyog aadhaar.

Whereas, those who had not yet enrolled for aadhaar, can do so as per the section 3 of the aadhaar act.

Proprietorship Registration

Forming a proprietorship company is not a doddle! But not a big task too and hence if you wish to start then join a community overflowing opportunity i.e,

Very often, It is a business structure that wraps the pass-through taxation of a sole proprietorship with limited liability.

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