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Trade License & Its registration

Business Isn’t A Straight Line From Start To Goal Post, It Demands To Have — Trade License!

In saying ~~ “Trade License Is Ideal For Trading Business, Online In India.”

Accordingly, if you are serving a business either holding a business by you, within the walls of municipal corporation act, then, you will be required to have the trade license certificate from the concerned state government.

For instance: KMC Trade Licence/License and Gumasta License are concerned to the states – Kolkata and Maharashtra, respectively.

Effectively – Trade License or KMC Trade Licence or Gumasta License or General Trade License connotes to the same thing (Ditto License).

Thereupon, might it be the Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, J&K or any other state, if you wish to start a business then it’s mandatory to have the trade license.

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Scrolling back to the subject i.e – Trade License! Starting with – what is trade license?

Definition — “[Trade License] in short stands for ‘TL’, is somewhat a license or permission or document issued by the municipal corporation in the faith of granting permission to start up a business or trade at a particular address and in a particular municipal limit.”

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Trade License Certificate

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Trade License & Its Registration Overall Cognizance

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Next, as the digitization has mutated the way of doing business, by giving the ancient method a parting handshake. Thereupon, one is always looking of starting a trade or business at any point and at any cost.

But before carrying out that trade or so-called business, all should mandatorily have the Trade License.

To which one might be having a questionnaire as — What Is Trade License: a license or document or certificate that provides the permission to the applicants to start a particular trade or business in a particular location…!!!

Trade License Registration

It was introduced in the country (India) late forty years ago & still is regulated through the same – municipal corporation acts by the state governments. Arrives with three formation or categories or so-called types. Meanwhile, trade license is categorized into three types: illustrated as –

  • Shop License.
  • Industries License.
  • Food Establishment License.

Lately upon going through the above paras, one might be having questionnaires as – how it helps in common and how to get a trade license? In actual – It succors in assuring that no 1 (none) is affected by the nuisance and health problem of any trade or business entity.

Fast forward, in order to get any of these trade licenses, firstly you need to visit the local municipality and later needs to submit that trade or so-called business license application letter to the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). Thereafter, you must validate it and to your concern, we must say it to you that a trade or business license number is valid for a year only and once it got expired, you have to renew it.

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Before you get dipped into it, let us make you aware of the trade license and its registration in detail. And why so? It’s India, here all wish to know the detailed working and background of the stuff they are going to join. Here we go with a little bit history — the provision of trade or business license was laid down by the state government throughout the trade license act, just to monitor and regulate the trade or so-called business within the particular city.

Types Of Trade License

So, a place of business within a state, corporation or municipality will require to have a trade license, mandatorily. But to the known facts – rules and regulations pertaining to trade license vary from state to state.

Therefore, in order to obtain the same, firstly one should contact the concerned state government or corporation or municipality.

Over second, the applicant must understand the jurisdiction & the applicable acts under which s/he is trying to operate the trade or business.

Over third & last, the applicant must make the trade license application within 30 days of starting to operate the trade or business.

Thereafter, the time you will file the application, it will be sent to the commissioner in the corporation office for approval, granting and renewal.

Later to this, the concerned officer will ensure that the trade is suitably fit and there is no possibility of nuisance or health danger. The officer after examining this all will for sure issue the license within a period of 7 to 15 days, subject to the examining and application submission days.

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Key Highlights Of Trade License Registration

From the knowledge of municipality — below illustrated are some of the most important aspects relating to trade license:

Let’s discuss them in detail…

Key Highlights Of Trade License Registration

Trade License Eligibility

In accordance with the trade license act, the eligibility are as follows —

  • Applicant should have crossed the age no 18.
  • Applicant must not have any criminal record.
  • Applicant business must be legally permissible.

Trade License Renewal

Upon filing the trade license application form, renewal is the key thing to approach. Literally, in India, the trade licenses are renewed in between Jan 1st to March 31st.

As of – the license work only goes for a year. Meanwhile, the validity of a license, issued by the municipal authority is for a period i.e 1 year. And the year day it got expired, you are required to renew it within the 30 days.

In case of failure, one may attract fine depending upon the rules and regulations set forth by the concerned state government issuing authority.

Commercial Premises

Yes, trade license can only be availed if the trade is run within the permitted area. Here the permitted area notifies – commercial. Likely to be contained – local commercial, notified commercial, mixed land use or residential-commercial area, with the small shops of maximum 20 (twenty) sq.m. (Square Metre or Meter) and over the ground floor only.

Why BBMP Trade License

Well, [BBMP] stands for “Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike”, is an administrative body responsible for civic amenities and together with trade license, safeguard the public against the health hazard and nuisance which a trader may cause. Even is a method to regulate the trade and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the concerned state.

Penal Provisions

Admirably trade license go with a penal of provisions. Yes, along with the rules & regulations, there are several other provisions that need to be followed by a registered applicant. Failure side to comply with the registration requirements or commencing any trade activity before the issuance of license may by default carry the penalty and legal action.

Documents Required For Trade License

Following are the documents required for trade license as per BBMP, elaborated as follows:

  • Trade license application form in the prescribed format.
  • A copy along with the original PAN Card from the establishment, only in case – if the applicant is any company, firm or an LLP.
  • A copy of aadhaar card is mandatory in case of – if the applicant is individual.
  • A canceled cheque or bank statement copy from the establishment.
  • Latest receipt in the faith of municipal property tax payment.
  • Sale deed, lease documents, a consent letter, electricity bill or water bill and NOC from the owner in the faith if premises proof of the property.
  • Two colour photographs, ID proof and address proof of all the directors and partners.
  • A certified plan layout along with the establishment front-fascia photo, displaying the goods to be traded from the premises.

Note: Two of the proofs must be valid, recent and less than 2 months old.

Documents Required For Trade License

Trade License Registration Procedure || LeadingFile

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Trade License Registration Procedure

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Trade License Requirement Gathering

Under this alternative step, a LeadingFile licensing expert will gather all the requirements, needed for the sake of license registration.

Later, s/he will prepare the trade license application form, online at the unified portal.

Upon the application form preparation, you will be required to submit all the necessary supporting documents along with the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

However, if you don’t have the DSC then visit our unified portal page for the same i.e Digital Signature!

Thereupon, the only step with the process lefts is the trade license application form submission.

Application Form Submission

Once the trade license application letter is prepared and send, details allotted by you will be verified by the concerned municipality.

Thereafter, the municipality officer will visit the trade status and will process the very license application certificate. Upon visiting and processing, s/he will yield you will with a trade license number by which you can look after the trade license status.

Trade Licence Certificate Download

All done! Yes, the alternative step is the utmost last step. Under this, the trade license application letter after being verified & submission is downloaded.

But this can only be done later to the approval. In general, the trade certificate is forwarded through courier but here throughout us, you get the opportunity of downloading the TL Certificate online.

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