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IEC Registration

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Getting back to the subject i.e, IEC Registration!

Definition — “IEC Registration stands for ‘Import Export Code Registration’, is a kind of registration which is required for undertaking import & export of transactions and availing the benefits under schemes like: SEIS or MEIS.”

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To which, indexing your Import Export Code Registration along with us will allot you the full assistance in respect of the below-mentioned commodities:

IEC Registration Number

For you – we will establish a 10 digit Import Export Code (IEC) Number.

Check IEC Status

We will do a thorough check of your Import Export Code (IEC) application status.

Import Export License

For you – we will apply online & get your IE License within no matter days.

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Import Export Code & IEC Registration Unrevealed Views

Import Export Code [IEC] Or You May Name It — IE Code!

IE code is a 10 digit code, comes with one-time registration and lifetime validity!

Whereon, the code is issued by the DGFT (Director General Of Foreign Trade), ministry of commerce & industries, government of India. Later to the issuance of IE code, the entity throughout its existence doesn’t require any renewal or e-filings.

Hence, we recommend obtaining IEC registration, irrespective of – your need at any moment.

Not so-called mandatory but is required if your business is engaged in importing and exporting of goods & services.

In other words, we can elaborate it as: businesses engaged in importing & exporting of goods & services must have an IEC (Importer Exporter Code).

Import Export Code

More likely, In order to get Import Export Code registered – online, then join a community overflowing with the registration opportunities i.e LeadingFile!

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Getting back to the subject ~~ Import Export Code & IEC Registration.

Before formulating the same [Import Export Code & IEC Registration], let’s discuss some of the relevant & all-around moving topics.

In the current era of cut-throat competition, everyone wishes to grow their business beyond the limits. And to the known facts – doing business, globally is not a cup of tea for everyone. Wherein, before going global, you need to follow several procedures, laws.

Even you too need to have a license in the faith of Import Export Code registration, so-called IEC (Import Export Code) license.

Import Export Code license is one of such pre-requisite, which is required when you’re thinking of importing or exporting of goods or services from India.

IEC license1

Upon reading these two consecutive paragraphs, one might be thinking of – what is the difference between IEC registration and IEC licence. Quite easy – IEC license is what, you get after the IEC registration.

Fast forward, Import Export Code registration is what, required for the person who is glancing to kick-start his/her business in the entire world.

Whereon, the predominant importer’s merchant can’t import goods without IEC. Similarly, the exporter’s merchant too can’t avail the benefits from DGFT for the export scheme without the import export code.

So, those who are eligible and wish to get registered under the IEC registration visit LeadingFile!; can assist you in obtaining IEC registration, online within 15–20 working days, subject to the government and client processing time.

Benefits Of IEC (Import Export Code) Registration

:Following are the key advantages or benefits of IEC Registration or you may name it benefits of Import Export License:

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Benefits Of IEC (Import Export Code) Registration

Business Expansion

Business expansion or you may name it company’s growth, the alternative which everyone considers to be better and better, day by day!

To which – one must be thinking – who can assist them in doing so and so?

Quite easy ~~ IEC can only assist you in taking your services & goods to the global market, which somehow means your business growth.

Compliance Free

Unlike other registrations, the IEC account holder doesn’t have to make any renewal.

Somehow this means that – once the Import Export Code is obtained, there is no need for renewal. Often, the IE Code holder doesn’t require to comply with any kind of the annual filing or return filing.

And the reason beyond this is – IE code, which is valid for the entire life.

Simple Processing

Among all, one of the best benefit i.e simple processing!

Simplifying in words, the complete process of applying online for importer-exporter code is quite very simple and hassle-free.

Literally, with the online import export license application, you can apply within no matter time.

Later to uploading documents and making IEC payment, immediately you can download it (e-IEC) through the link, sent you at your registered email ID.

Avails Several Benefits

Benefits; that makes anyone bend over it!

Subsequently ~ on the basis of their IEC (Import Export Code) registration.

The business entities could avail several benefits in the faith of imports and exports from the DGFT (Directorate General Of Foreign Trade), Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc.

In other words, the importers and exporters, registered under the IEC registration can avail numerous benefits from the government schemes. Likely to be contained – subsidies from the customs, etc.

No Return Filing

Under this alternative, you need not to file any of the return.

Let’s elaborated it a little bit more…

It is no secret that the IE (Import Export) Code doesn’t require any of the return filings. Once an IEC is allotted, then there are no further procedures, required in the faith of maintaining IE code validity.

Very often, there are no return filings required to DGFT (Directorate General Of Foreign Trade) if there exist any of the import or export transaction.

Documents Required For Import Export Code

Following are the documents required for IEC (Import Export Code) or you may name it documents required for an export import license in India:

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Identity & Address Proof From Directors

  • Identity proof – likely to be contained: Passport or DL (Drivers License) or Aadhaar Card or PAN Card or Voter ID.
  • Bank certificate as per DGFT format or a copy of canceled cheque bearing the pre-printed name of applicant and account number, which is used to verify that the applicant has an active current bank account in India.
  • Passport-sized photograph of all the directors.
  • Latest bank statement or Telephone or Mobile bill.
  • Last, but not least, in case of legal entity or registered body, the partnership deed or incorporation certificate or registration certificate is mandatory.

Note: Among all, two of the proofs must be valid, recent and less than 2 months old.

Documents Required For Import Export Code
Documents Required For IEC

Specific Business Address Proof

Meanwhile, the documents to support the business address in the faith of IE code application registration are as:

  • Sale deed – in case the business premise is self-owned.
  • A scanned copy of the rent agreement with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landowner ~ in case the business premise is rented.

Note: The registered business entity should have an office in India.

The list didn’t end here, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) & Director Identification Number (DIN) too should be submitted as of the hard copy and all other incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

IEC Registration Process | LeadingFile

As off – IEC registration is one of the most reliable, beneficial & non-mandatory registration, run by the government of India, fully online!

Hence, one needs to join a community overflowing with online business opportunities & secretarial compliances, which can help the enterprise in the entire IEC registration process.

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So, expect nothing less than perfect from us. We at LeadingFile can assist you in obtaining IEC (Import Export Code) registration, online within 12 to 20 working days, subject to the government and client processing time.

IEC (Import Export Code) Registration Process

Free Consultation

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Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile’s secretarial compliances & business pro-advisor.

IEC Application Form Preparation

Within the IEC registration process, application preparation is the only thing which is supposed to be utmost important.

So, in order to prepare the IEC application form, a LeadingFile financial expert will get in touch with you within no matter time. Being an expert he will take care of every short term and will prepare your application in the prescribed format, online at the unified portal.

Later to the IEC form preparation & filing, you will be required to allot the all necessary supporting documents along with the DSC.

Upon filing the Import Export Code (IEC) Application form, IEC verification will be done in the faith of e-IE Code/IEC (Import Export Code) Generation.

IEC Form Verification

As discussed above – once the IEC application form is prepared and sent, details allotted by you will be verified.

Later to which, the DGFT office will process the application form and will provide you with an IE code number by which you can look after the IEC (Import Export Code) status.

IE Code Allotment & Submission

Utmost last step! Under this alternative step, the IEC application form after being verified is submitted to the DGFT.

Upon the submission, we shall send you the 10 digit ID number, IEC number and Temporary identity card. At last, the DGFT will allot you an IEC (Import Export Code) for your business.

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