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In Indian history, those days have gone when a multi-layered taxation system that includes (excise duty, VAT, services tax, etc), appeared as the biggest setback for the people of India who used to face countless obstacles in filing their taxes. As, Of the 1st of July 2017, various indirect taxes on goods or services have been abolished and replaced by enforcement of the GST(Goods Or Services Tax) regime.

Since all the indirect taxes such as central excise tax, service tax, VAT, and entertainment tax were consolidated, integrated or you can say came under one roof, GST(Goods Or Services Tax) has been considered as a great relief for the citizens or taxpayers of India and now they can fill their taxes very easily without the hassles they faced earlier.

Brief Introduction Of GST

GST is a comprehensive taxation system that combines or integrates all the indirect taxes such as VAT, services tax, etc under one roof. And the decision to establish a single and indirect method of filing tax by the government of India has proven one of the greatest tax reforms towards the direction of a new and developed taxation system for businesses, firms, organizations, and taxpayers. 

Specifically, the fact cannot be denied that since when GST (Goods Or Services Tax) came into implementation by removing all the indirect taxes, the task of filing tax on various products or items has become taxpayers’ cup of tea.

In General terms, GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an indirect tax reform that is imposed or levied on the supply of goods and services and it was initiated from 1st of July in 2017. Goods or Services Tax (GST) works as a single and multi-layered taxation system in India that removes or replaces all the indirect taxes. And before GST was introduced there were so many indirect taxes which include VAT(Value Added Tax), Central Excise Duty, Octroi, and Entry Tax, etc.

GST is demanded on value-added goods or services at each time of selling and purchasing in the supply chain. And to get registered under the GST (Goods Or Services tax) policy or regime, then every firm, business no matter it is big, small, or large all need to get a unique GST Identification Number.

Under GST regime goods and services can be classified into 5 distinct tax rates- 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. But if we talk about some other products such as products related to petroleum, products related to alcoholic drinks, and products related to electricity does not come under GST. These products are taxed separately by the individual state governments, according to the previous taxation method.

Generally, GST has come from the method of VAT(Value Added Tax) and it simply means is that it could be applied at each stage and the consumer who has to pay the GST amount charged and demanded by the last dealer or the supplier in the supply chain.

Calculate GST With Assistance Of GST Online Calculator:

Before You Jump on the question like how to calculate GST on various items or products or services, you should know the fundamentals of tax imposed at different points for goods and services under the GST norms. To calculate the Goods Or Services Taxes (GST), the taxpayer must be aware of the different GST rates applicable to various categories and the different slabs for GST are 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.  

Once you have information about the GST rates applicable to various categories, then without using a pen or paper or instead of using a calculator in your mobile by mugging up the formula to evaluate the accurate value of GST, you can use our GST calculator which reduces all the chances or possibilities of human error. All you need to do is just enter the total price or cost of the price of your products or services and the GST rate applied. And in no time you will get an exact and accurate value. 

There are Different tax heads Which Come under GST(Goods Or Services Tax)

GST can be classified into 4 different heads which you can see below:-

  1. SGST(State Goods and Services Tax): In SGST the State Government has the authority to collect the tax.
  2. CGST(Central Goods and Services Tax): In CGST, the Central Government is authorized to collect or demand tax from the taxpayers.
  3. UTGST(Union Territory Goods and Services Tax): As per the UTGST norms, the Union Territory Government will be entitled to collect the tax.
  4. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) – IGST will be collected by the Central Government for inter-state transactions and imports.

Most importantly, IGST can be applied to interstate products where the supplier or seller of that product lives in a different location, and the product is supplied in another different location, place, state. In such a case, the same or equal tax rate of CGST and SGST can be levied for supplies done to the interstate.

What is a GST Calculator?

Leading file GST Calculator is a tool that helps taxpayers in calculating their GST amount on different goods or services accurately and promptly. The main objective of our free online GST calculator is to get the total value of goods or services along with the amount of GST(Goods Or Services Tax)

Why LeadingFile GST Calculator Is Significant?

Under the GST regime, there are 5 GST slabs, and if you deal with the numerous GST Slab goods or services, you have to determine the values, including or excluding GST. With the help of our free online GST calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate the GST amount on goods and services. Additionally, if you want to create a large number of invoices for goods or services with different GST slab rates, then using our GST calculator can make your task trouble-free.

What Do You Need To Know Before Calculating Accurate Value Of GST By Using Our Free online GST Calculator?

For calculating GST amount by using an online free GST Calculator, the taxpayer must have the information with respect to the GST rate or HSN(Harmonized System of Nomenclature)/SAC(Services Accounting Code) Code necessary to those particular goods and services.

What Are The Advantages Of Online GST Calculator?

  • It gets you the total or gross product price on various GST rates
  • Here you can easily understand the difference between SGST, CGST, and IGST and calculate each tax value accurately and quickly.
  • Using the GST calculator will get you instant results of the GST amount.
  • It reduces the risk of human error when calculating the cost of products and services.
  • No prior guidance is required to use the GST Calculator and reading the above step will be sufficient to get an accurate GST value.

GST Calculation Formula:

In order to calculate GST, you can use the simple methods or formulas which are mentioned below and it can be used by taxpayers, businesses, firms, etc. The following formula helps you to calculate the total price or amount of the product once the using GST or removing GST is applied.

Formula To Calculate GST:

  1. Use Formula while adding GST:

GST Amount = (Original price x GST%)/100

Net/Total Price = Original price + GST Amount

  1. Use Formula While Removing GST:

GST Amount = Original price – [Original price x {100/(100+GST%)}]

Net/Total Price = Original price – GST Amount.

What is The GST (Goods Or Services Tax) calculator?

Taxpayers can use the GST online calculator which is a handy and easy-to-use online calculator to calculate the GST payable for a month or quarter. This calculator is specifically made and used by various types of users, such as buyers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, large business organizations, etc.

India GST Online Calculator 

It is a free online Indian GST calculator for taxpayers who want to know and calculate how much amount their product or service will cost once the application and removal of GST are done. The GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a common complete nationwide tax based on the VAT (Value Added Tax) principle which removed various taxes levied by the Central and State governments on the products and services. The rate of tax of GST in India is to be finalized. The tax rate is forecasted to be from 5% to 28 %.

What Are the Benefits Of Our GST Online Calculator

The simplified GST calculator helps you find out the exact value of the gross or net amount or price on the product on GST rates based on the percentage. With this online GST calculator, you will be able to get the bifurcation of the rate between CGST and SGST or you can get an accurately calculated IGST value. And it is of course saves you plenty of time and effort and minimizes the chances of human error while calculating the total cost of goods and services.

How You can calculate GST By using our GST calculator?

No specific skill or intelligence is required here when you have you have to calculate GST on your products and services. You can just follow the simple and easy-to-use steps to get the net price/cost of the product.

Step-1: just gather and keep the following details in your head to enter them in the calculator input fields:

  • Make sure you have Net/total price/cost of products and services and
  • What GST rate can be applied such as 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% for that goods or services

Step-2:- Once you enter the amount or price of product and service and GST rate that applies to them, you can include or exclude the application of GST.

Step-3: And then Click on the Calculate button. Then leading file GST calculator will show you the taxed amounts for each tax head such as CGST and SGST or IGST comes under GST along with the final/ gross price of the goods and service.

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