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Trademark Rectification

Hey! One Step Towards Rectification. Since – Your Trademark Rectification Native Is One Step Away.

Probably trademark rectification itself is a step which is opted later to the trademark registration failure or when the trademark examiner (an agent employed by a government entity) marks the trademark application — ‘Formalities Chk Fail’ or ‘Send Back To EDP’.

And of course, no one is a champion. Even champions too hit the failure.

And-And-And, if you register a trademark for the first time, yourself. Then I bet, you’re definitely coming up with some of the rectifications.

But as said, “Challenges Bring Out The Best In Champions”. So and So our experts are. Needless to say, they provide the best rectification service…!!!

Needless to say that they are the champions of all business values and covers almost all the business aspects. To name a few – itself the business registration like; MSME registration, TAN registration, and much more registrations, tax filings, logo designing, e-verifying, income taxing, funding, etc, etc..

Craving back to the stuff i.e — Trademark Rectification or Trademark Amendment or so-called Trademark Cancellation. Let’s start with an exotic note…

Note: Trademark Applicant, you know what — trademarking world roam around the 5 coins: Trademark Registration, Trademark Rectification, Trademark Objection, Trademark Opposition, and the last one Trademark Renewal.

Apparently, each & every coin plays an important role in trademarking. Visit, any, just by a click.

Now, lets strain out the premium coins from these all. Among these coins, premium ones are the Trademark – registration & rectification, only/-

However, from these two coins, one can be skipped by tackling another one smartly. But what kind of smartness? Ease: research smartness — which will be fulfilled by visiting our trademark agent or so-called trademark registrar.

[Trademark Agent; an agent which somehow furnish the complete trademark registration process.]

Meanwhile, indexing your trademark with LeadingFile may affix you to deal with the single coin i.e trademark registration and not the trademark rectification. Not only this much, we will also be allotting you the full assistance in respect of the below-illustrated commodities –

Title And Deed – Rectification

Title and deed or call it simply ‘Title Deed’, no matter what you call but they are something which stands by — miles apart but close at end.

Simplifying it a bit more! Title deed, a deed or document or so-called legal document which constitute the evidence of a property or brand ownership.

Apparently, for the brand, such documents itself become key precious. But, such precious documents too are sometimes filled inappropriately, especially when the self rectification deed is formatted out.

Need not to worry, might it be the deed of rectification (rectification deed) or deed of variation or any other type of deed, our experts are always there for you.

They for sure will take you out of this mud and will file your title deed or so-called rectification deed without seller in the prescribed rectification deed format, within no matter time and with the least rectification deed charges.

Certificate Correction

Correction certificate or certificate of correction or rectification certificate or certificate of rectification connotes to the same thing at least here.

A bit more simplification! Correction certificate, a certificate or so-called legal application form which is prescribed against the common trademark mistakes.

Generally, it plays an important role in the common as well as trademarking world. And as of, we here are dealing with the trademark amendment . So we will also be circulating our assistance around the same.

By the way, you need not to worry – might it be the birth certificate correction or change of name certificate or any other correction, we will always be there for you.

Lately, we will also be helping you with the rectification ideas and will often be filing the application to correct name in the register of trademark database, in the prescribed name change request letter format.

Finally, if you’re firmly surrounded by such rectification of register ends then opt to have a community overflowing with the rectification opportunities…!!!

Trademark ‘™’ Rectification: Simplified

Rectify Your ™, Knock LeadingFile’s Online Trademark Rectification Service…!!!

Our services that make us stand tall. Often said – LeadingFile services are like buses, there’s always another one coming. Yes, we do align numerous services and opportunities, and yes, they all are superb!

This time here we are with the [Trademark Rectification], the utmost optimal & flexible 1 (one) service!

However, it will be not a bit off-ward, if we say that opting us for trademark registration will make you skip of trademark rectification.

All right! Let us explain you the subject of skip…

For you – trademark can be a word, a group of words, a slogan, a group of slogans, logo, symbol, etc., or a combination of any mentioned amenities, any, that you can use to differentiate your products from those of others.

But it in actual is – intellectual property protection which should be filed in a particular prescribed format, defined under the trademark act – 1999…!!!

Trademark Rectification Simplified

Wherein, later to filing the trademark registration application form, the trademark registrar would process the application and will check its concerns thoroughly. If any concern is noted then the examiner would mark the application as ‘Formalities Chk Fail’ or ‘Send Back To EDP’ and will send the application form back for rectification.

On the other hand, if you opt to have us for your trademark registration then rest assured and just skip the trade mark correction step. But what if one is already dipped into the mud of rectification. So, let’s begin from the foundation and give it a quick overview by typing the definition of same.

Definition (short) – “Trademark Rectification is also known as “Trademark Amendment || Trademark Correction”; is a rectification or amendment or correction which is made onto the grounds of a trademark.”

And what those grounds are? Meanwhile, you wish to know who can file and for what to file a trademark rectification application form.

Have a look — In India, under section 57 of the trade mark act 1999, any person who is pissed of the grounds like – trademark contravention or trademark condition failure or trademark filing error, can file an application towards the trademark rectification. Let’s conclude each with the native definition —

Why To File Trademark Rectification Form || LeadingFile

Here we go — In accordance with the section – 7, trademark act 1999, TM (™) Rectification or Trademark Amendment is a legal process to go with alteration or modification or correction or omission towards an error, encountered in the details of a trademark which further on is recorded in the trademark register.”

This didn’t end here, in accordance with the section – 8, the non-use of any registered trademark for over 5 years too may ask the registered owner to file a trademark amendment or so-called trademark correction form.

Over next, the non-renewal of original or previous trademark registration along with the inclusion or addition of certain classes of goods & services into the registered trademark may also ask you to file the trademark rectification application form, especially in India.

Last but not least – in accordance with trademark grounds state act, the non-conformance of any trademark ground, specified in either section may also ask the trademark owner to file the trademark rectification form…!!!

However, to all these grounds, the applicant is fully authorized to rectify and resubmit the trademark application. But the thing is s/he should rectify the trademark rectification deed in the prescribed format, illustrating the reasons and facts as to why the trademark was marked — “Formalities Chk Fail”.

Once the applicant is done with the trademark application rectification, s/he can send it back to the trademark examiner. Where-if the examiner finds the rectification appropriate and sufficient then s/he will allow it to be processed and often will prepare a trademark examination report.

So, to avoid all this stuff, just opt to have us…

We [LeadingFile], India’s largest business services platform provider are completely dedicated to our serving i.e Trademark Rectification | Registration…!!!

Key Highlights Of Trademark Rectification

From the knowledge of trademark act 1999 — trademark rectification is a legal process to rectify an error or a correction or an omission which has been overlooked in the trademark register within the details of a trademark.

[Trademark Register; a register or name it a trademark database which holds the entire detail of a trademark. For instance — trademark name, trademark number, trademark serial number, trademark status, trademark types, and all other details related to a trademark.]

Anyways, coming back to the topic i.e key highlights of trademark correction. Here they are, let’s discuss them in detail…

Key Points Of Trademark Rectification

Trademark Rectification Types

Yah, you heard it right. Rectification of a trademark can be done in two possible manners — Pre-registration Rectification and Post-registration Rectification. Let’s give them a quick overview…

Pre-registration Rectification: Rectification application which is made before filing a trademark registration application.

On the other hand, Post-registration Rectification; Rectification application which is made later to filing the trademark application or application filed on receiving the trademark amendment application from the trademark examiner.

Effect Of TM Rectification

Everything has its own effect…!!!

Similarly, TM (Trademark) Rectification too has its own effect. In saying – removal of a mark from the trademark register results in the trademark objection or trademark opposition or so-called trademark amendment.

However, unless the trademark owner submits the proper evidence of its usage, it will be showing its effect.

Needless to say – to skip all these concerns, connect with us and opt to have our trademark rectification service, today.

Trademark Rectification Consequences

Consequences don’t go only with results, it too deals with the trademark rectification.

And yes, consequences of the trademark rectification somewhere and somehow hits your trademark. Okay, we agree that it hits but how it hits a trademark.

Ease, the way it goes is as; over the case when the registered trademark is ordered to be removed from the trademark register then the rectification is called. And as a consequence (result), rectification provides you with a registered trademark symbol back.

Trademark Rectification Form & Fees

In order to deal with the trademark rectification, one before all – needs to file a trademark rectification form.

Later, s/he needs to index a request to add the trademark in the list of trademark classes or trademark journal or trademark register – any to which it belongs.

But, what will be the fee? Don’t be panic, LeadingFile is the best trademark registration & rectification registrar, being best, it didn’t rob you with the fee. Often it allows you to register the form with the least cost or almost with no fee i.e, Rs. 4988 only/-

Documents Required For Trademark Rectification: Official List

In accordance with the India’s trademark act 1999, documents required for the trademark rectification and documents required for the trademark registration is somewhat like 99% similar to each other.

All right, we agree at the similarity but what the list says. Here we go – following are the trademark documents required for registering a trademark, illustrated as follows:

  • Identity Proof: Containing – Passport, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID and DL (Driving Licence).
  • Address Proof: Containing – Electricity Bill, Lease Copy, Telephone Bill, Bank Statement.
  • (Optional) A Copy Of Logo.
  • A Copy Of Signed Form – 48.
  • Certificate Of Udyog Aadhar Registration.
  • Partnership Deed Or A Certificate Of Incorporation.

Note: Scanned Copy! Yes, while filing the trademark correction application, there is no need for submitting the original documents. Instead, a scanned copy of each would suffice the requirement.

Documents Required For Trademark Rectification

Trademark Rectification Procedure: In-Vision Of LeadingFile

Trademark Rectification Process//Procedure or name it Trademark Cancellation Procedure//Process; both connotes to the same thing i.e legal procedure to modify or rectify the trademark errors.

And yes, LeadingFile’s in-vision start from the same. But didn’t end here only. Its — lawyers, CA and rectification experts along with the trademark rectification, also helps you with the correcting mistakes in property documents (land registry rectification), even with the form 48 filing as well as with the rectification of register formatting.

Not only this much, they even will guide you – how to correct survey number and often will describe you the overall boundaries prevail over survey number.

So, needless to say, take a wise step and opt to have an attorney which can assist you with all the rectification assets i.e LeadingFile.

Not only for saying – our experts in real can help you with the trademark amendment within no matter working days, here the process goes…

Trademark Rectification Procedure

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Trademark Rectification?

Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile’s lawyer or CA or rectification expert, fully authorized attorney.

File Application Form

Literally, the first step but is next to the consultation…!!!

Upon consulting, one can file his/her trademark rectification application form with us.

Anyways, under this alternative – a trademark owner suffering from trademark rectification diseases needs to file the trademark rectification application form.

Wherein, the application must conclude the phrase of error along with the statements of grounds, and must be filed under the triplicate.

[Triplicate; an application form named TM-O].

Not only this much, the application should be cut and clear, even it should be signed digitally and too should be containing DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

TMR Application Submission

TMR: stands for — Trademark Rectification, and here it goes with the application submission.

Yes, under this alternative step, one later to filing the trademark rectification application form needs to submit the application form to the registrar or IPAB. Must remember that the application should be in the prescribed format.

Trademark Application: Download

Somewhat, now you’re again a registered owner and can use the trademark registered symbol — (®).

For sure, once again congratulation. Now, you are eligible to download the trademark application form but remember to check the trademark status with the help of trademark serial number, allotted on the trademark application form.

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