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We appreciate your perfect choice made for indexing MSME registration via LeadingFile.

On the other hand, MSME registration itself is a perfect choice for starting up micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Needless to say that it is ideal for professionals & software firms.

Whereon — as an enterprise, you can have access to tax exemptions, priority sector lending, capital investment, power tariff subsidies and capital investment subsidies.

But, in order to have access over these amenities, you need to join a community overflowing with the business opportunities i.e, LeadingFile!

We – India’s largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances covers all the aspects, likely to be contained – MSME registration, EPF/PF registration, Indian subsidiary registration, SSI/Udyog Aadhaar/ARI registration, GST registration for foreigners, and much more registrations.

Craving back to the stuff i.e – MSME Registration. Let’s start from the definition phase…

Definition — “MSME Registration – also known as Udyog Aadhaar registration & sometimes SSI (Small Scale Industries) registration, is a kind of registration required for all the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, just to avail numerous incentives aligned under the MSMED Act, 2006.”

In other words, it is a passport for each & every startup business, eligible for availing the incentive benefits (provided under the provision of MSMED Act).

Being contiguous, it’s a great time for the entrepreneurs to take their firms to the next level. So the only line to utter is – scale your business with a partnership that works: “LeadingFile”!

We at LeadingFile can assist you with all your queries related to the MSME/Udyog Aadhaar Registration. To which, indexing along with us will allot you the full assistance in respect of the below-mentioned commodity:

  • MSME Loan Approval
  • MSME Application – Filing
  • MSME Courses Allotment
  • MSME Cluster – Formation
  • MSME Facilitation Council
  • MSME NIC Code – Establishment

At last, if you got any hassle during the MSME registration process, then get a free consultant by slotting an appointment with the LeadingFile pro-advisor.

MSMED || MSME Registration Specialized Objectives

Dominate In MSMED & MSME Registration Online Along With LeadingFile!

We ensure that your registration made in the faith of MSME get valuable incentives and to be done within 59 minutes only/-

But there are a couple of questions that one should consider before indexing MSME/Udyog Aadhar/SSI registration. For instance, s/he should know – what is MSMED & MSME, its [MSME] schemes, courses, process, and much more.

Letting you – the depth overview of the same…

“MSMED & MSME both are abbreviated as ~~ “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development” and “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”, respectively.”

Both have their own meaning and standards! But together they formulate a valuable incentive registration portal for all the micro, small-enterprises.

what is MSMED & MSME

Next, to the known fact – the ministry of MSME (a branch of India’s Government) is the apex body for the administration and formulation of rules, regulations and laws, relating to such enterprises in India. Wherein, the minister of MSME is Giriraj Singh – since 03 September 2017.

Getting back to the stuff i.e, MSME!

Admirably — Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) or Small Scale Industries (SSI) can register themselves under the MSMED act, 2006. However, it’s not necessary to get registered but to access the benefits, you need to go along with the same.

In order to qualify as an MSME or SSI, enterprises dealing in plant and machinery need to have an investment of less than Rs 10 crore. Whereas, enterprises dealing in services need to have an investment of less than Rs 5 crore. If any of the enterprises exceeds or cross the investment limit, at any time, then you need to cancel your MSME online registration form.

Further on, in accordance with the provision of MSMED act, 2006 ~ MSME’s are classified into two classes –

  • Service Enterprises
  • Manufacturing Enterprises

Where service enterprises are engaged in the rendering of services while manufacturing enterprises are engaged in the manufacture or yield of the goods.

MSMED & MSME Registration

Fast forward – enterprises that fall under any of these categories, succor in promoting equitable development for all.

Even being considered as a very significant backbone of India’s legacy economy model and too are an engine of economic growth.

Looking at this, in order to support and promote MSME, the government of India introduced the MSME registration through various subsidies, schemes and incentives. Managed throughout the MSMED (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development) act, 2006.

Whereon, the MSME schemes launched by the government of India are as: Udyog aadhar memorandum, zero defect zero effect, quality management standards & quality technology tools, grievance monitoring system, women entrepreneurship, credit-linked capital subsidy scheme, incubation, etc.

Last but not least – if you wish to avail the benefits under MSMED act from the central government, state government and banking sector, then you need to have the MSME registration number (no). Wherein, to have that number, you are required to make a query against the MSME registration fees because the MSME registration charges varies from state to state and country to country.

Not only this much, you are also required to make a MSME registration search

So, those who are eligible and wish to get registered under MSME/Udyog Aadhar/SSI visit LeadingFile!

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Benefits Of SSI/MSME Registration

Following are the key advantages || benefits of SSI/MSME registration or you may name it — MSME registration benefits, elaborated as follows:

Benefits Of SSI || MSME Registration

Easy & Collateral Free Bank Loans

Approx within 59 minutes all the enterprises which are registered under MSME or GST registration can avail the benefits regarding the bank loans up to Rs 1 crores, at the interest rate of 1 to 1.5 percent.

However, the loans provided by the banks are collateral free loans where your property is not pledged with banks. Whereon, the collateral free loans for MSME were made available through the GOI & SIFBI by launching the credit guarantee fund scheme (CGS).

Now one might be having a questionnaire in his/her mind i.e who is eligible for these loans. Both – the existing and the newbie-enterprise can opt to have this loan scheme.

Patent Reservation Benefits

In order to patent reservation benefit, a hefty 50% subsidy is allotted to the enterprises.

Let’s elaborate it a little bit more – enterprises that have MSME reservation certificate can avail the same subsidy by indexing an MSME application form to the respective ministry. The ministry of MSME has also amended the industrial act where every small enterprise can avail the same scheme.

Exemption On Interest Rate

Under this alternative, enterprises registered with MSME get a 1% exemption on the interest rate on overdraft.

However, the ministry of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises says that the scheme is completely dependent on the bank. Subsequently, they might increase or decrease this exemption interest rate on the overdraft (OD).

Industrial Promotion subsidy

Here you might be glancing that whether you are eligible for industrial promotion subsidy or not.

If so – then, keep reading! In accordance with the MSMED (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development) act, 2006 ~ enterprises that have MSME registration are completely eligible for the industrial promotion subsidy.

Electricity Bills Concession

It is no secret that MSME (Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) registration is full of surprises.

Let’s formulate the very statement! With all above-illustrated benefits, enterprises that have MSME registration certificate can too avail the concession on the electricity bill, just by making an MSME application to the electricity department.

Refund Against ISO Certification

Under this alternative, one gets the benefit of reimbursement/refund against the ISO certification charges.

In accordance with MSMED act, the enterprises that hold the MSME registration form can claim reimbursement/refund against the ISO certification charges, just by indexing an MSME application form to the respective authority.

Protection Against Delayed Payments

One of the most common issue for all the small enterprises is – payments from the buyers!

Not all but approx 60% of the buyers always dealy in making payments. Thereby, the ministry of MSME allotted protection too allotted the right of interest on the delayed payments through conciliation, arbitration and settlement of the dispute.

Refund Against MSME Octroi Tax

MSME (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) allots the benefit of refund against the octroi.

In accordance with MSME, enterprises have to pay the octroi on the goods and services which is delivered by the MSME. Later to the payment, the government provides a refund against octroi which is imposed on the goods and services.

Documents Required For MSME Registration

Following are the documents required/demanded for MSME/SSI Registration in Delhi, India or you may simply call – MSME Registration Documents; elaborated as follows:

Enterprise Address Proof

~:~ Basically, the address proof go with two theses, illustrated as follow ~:~

a. Thesis If The Enterprise Is Self-Owned

Allotment letter, possession letter, lease deed and property tax receipt. Whereas, no other possession document is required if there is a municipal license in the enterprise name or in the name of the proprietor, partner and director.

b. Thesis If The Enterprise Is Rented

From the landlord – a copy of rent receipt and a NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required to be submitted. The list didn’t end here, utility bill and the documents evidencing the ownership of the landlord, too are required.

Sale And Purchase Bills

In accordance with the MSMED act, enterprises that are registered under MSME registration is required to submit a copy of the sale and purchase bills, individually.

Licenses & Machinery Purchased Bills

Eventually, the applicant has to submit a copy of the business license, obtained by indexing an application form to the government of India.

Next, in order to the machinery purchased bills ~ all bills and receipts related to the purchase and installation of plant and machinery have to be submitted on the demand of MSMED.

Partnership Deed And MOA+AOA

This alternative says that if your business is a partnership firm then it has to submit its partnership deeds along with the registration certificate.

Whereas, if your business is a company then it has to submit a copy of the memorandum of association and articles of association along with the certificate of incorporation and the resolution passed in general meeting.

Documents Required For MSME Registration

MSME/SSI Registration Process | LeadingFile

Of Course – you’re on your way to get more & more exposure!

Expect nothing less than perfect from LeadingFile!

MSME/SSI registration is one of the most reliable, beneficial & non-mandatory registration, run by the government of India. Fully online!

So, join a community overflowing with online business opportunities & secretarial compliances.; can assist you in obtaining MSME/SSI registration, online within 10 -20 working days, subject to the govt and client processing time.

MSME/SSI Registration Process

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over MSME Registration Procedure?

Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile’s secretarial compliances or MSME Registration Consultants pro-advisor.

Application Form Preparation

Under this alternative, a LeadingFile financial expert will prepare the MSME/SSI application form for the sake of MSME/SSI registration, online at the unified portal.

Later to the MSME form preparation & filing, you will be required to allot the all necessary supporting documents along with the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

Upon filing the MSME application form, MSME verification will be done in the faith of MSME/SSI code generation.

Now, let’s jump over to the next step i.e, MSME Verification.

MSME/SSI Verification

As discussed above – once the MSME application form is prepared and sent, details allotted by you will be verified.

Later to which, the MSMED office will process the application form and will provide you with an MSME/SSI code number by which you can look after the MSME status.

Application Form Submission

Utmost last step! Under this alternative step, the MSME application form after being verified is submitted to the MSMED.

Upon the submission, we shall send you the 17 digit ID number, MSME number and Temporary identity card. At last, a copy of the registration letter (C-11) can be printed.

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