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FSSAI Registration

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However, we appreciate your perfect choice made for indexing FSSAI registration consultant via LeadingFile. But itself the FSSAI registration is a perfect choice for those who are involved in the production, distribution and transportation of food products.

Well, from the known facts – FSSAI registration or so-called license is mandatory for all the organizations involved in the above-mentioned para.

Needless to say that it [FSSAI Registration] is ideal & apparently mandatory compliance for all the professionals & food production firms.

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Getting back to the subject i.e FSSAI Registration!

Definition — “FSSAI registration stands for ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Registration’, is a kind of registration which is required for undertaking organization related to any stage of manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, etc of food, established under the FSSAI act, 2006”.

Right away the registration or license of FSSAI is completely based on the business volume and premises. Subsequently, the applicant premises, depending upon the location or turnover are eligible for the license such as: FSSAI Basic Registration (Petty Food Business), FSSAI State License (Medium Food Business), FSSAI Central Food License (Large Food Business), Railways (Stole Food Business), etc.

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FSSAI || Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India Registration

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Our approach to business registration is always the same, in that — it’s never the same. We start by indexing and let that shape our ongoing registration process with our clients as partners every step of the way.

Whereon, by being India’s no #1 business service platform provider, we yield you the full assistance in respect of the FSSAI Manual & itself the FSSAI Registration.

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But before these all, one might be glancing at FSSAI Manual, which will round up — what is FSSAI and for what the FSSAI registration is made?

Letting you – the depth overview of the same:

[FSSAI] is abbreviated as — “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”!

It is an organization or establishment or you may name it an autonomous body that is established by virtue of the India government, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which in short stands for – ‘MOHFW’.

FSSAI “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”

Whereon, the establishment was made throughout the — Food Safety and Standards (FSSAI) Act, 2006; a consolidating statute related to food safety and regulation in India. Fast forward – in accordance with the act, the FSSAI itself is completely responsible for protecting, registering, licensing the FBO (Food Business Operators) and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

Wherein, towards food safety, the FSSAI ensures that the food products undergo quality checks, thereby reducing the food adulteration and sale of sub-standard products. For sure, it worked and the hygiene, quality of food brought tremendous changes in the food industry. But all this happened – only after the arrival of FSSAI registration!

As of – we hold due in the faith of roundup query, let’s conclude the same. FSSAI Registration: It’s a governing body, an suspicious of FSSAI act-2006 and a mandatory registration required before starting any of the food business.

Meanwhile — no person, manufacturer, trader, restaurant, etc. shall commence or carry-on any food corresponding business without FSSAI license or registration. One must obtain a 14 digit FSSAI license number which thereby needs to be printed on each and every food package, produced by the same.

Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India Registration

So, if you’re a food – manufacturing, processing, packing and distributing organization then do obtain the FSSAI license by enlisting an application in the prescribed format to us at LeadingFile.

Later to your enlisting, our experts will verify & send that application to the FSSAI. Where the food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) will accord approval by verifying the application and supporting documents, attached along with the FSSAI application form.

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Benefits Of FSSAI & Its Registration

Following are the key advantages or benefits of FSSAI & its registration or you may name it benefits of food safety, elaborated as follows:

Benefits Of FSSAI & Its Registration

Location Specific

FSSAI license holders are location specific.

Meanwhile, a separate FSSAI registration or license is required to handle food business for each specific location. If you do have the same then no one is supposed to change the premises.

On the other hand, if you wish or you operate your business at multiple locations then you need to obtain multiple FSSAI licenses.


To our concern validity is the first thing which is supposed to be at its end term. Each and every business holder agree on last longing validity because they wish not to visit the registration office again and again.

So to end all these myths, here comes the FSSAI with years of validity!

In saying, once an FSSAI registration number or license is issued, it becomes valid for one or two years. And once it gets expired, can be renewed in the easiest format, completely based on the requirements of the business.

Business Expansion

Yes! The only word which is heard when it comes to expansion/growth. So, shake hand with LeadingFile, within no matter time – to get indexed with the FSSAI.

Likewise, when it comes to your business expansion in other areas or outlets, then, we utter yes – join us at LeadingFile & get registered throughout any of the registration.

Whether it be a state level, central level or street level FSSAI registration, just make a call to us and we will yield you – FSSAI license number within no matter time.

Later to possessing the license, establish and expand your business with ease. Additionally, with the help of same, you can request to have the bank loans and even can have the funds which are the important phase of expansion.

Consumer Awareness

In this digital era, the consumers have become more aware, revealing and informative about the quality and standards of food which they have.

To that off – with the number of diets along with the increasing healthy eating food options, consumers are required to know – what they are consuming and whether the consumed food is safe and of really good quality or not.

More so after the recent controversy accompanied by Maggi, has proved that the consumers have started to take the food safety seriously and towards their prior concern.

Literally, the food material itself is proving that it needs to have an FSSAI Registration or so-called FSSAI license. And having the same license can yield you with a better customer base.

Avail Several Legal Advantage

Business ideology says that most of the businesses find FSSAI license – expensive. Irrelevant and an inconvenient documentation process. To which they try to avoid getting the FSSAI license.

But, reality ensues in a loud assert!

All right, what it asserts? It asserts that the process of getting an FSSAI license is not so cumbersome. There are a lot of consultancies which can succor you get the registration number with ease.

Final saying: to be in the safe zone, get registered with FSSAI throughout LeadingFile or any other registrar. Else the penalty after being caught is higher than that of the actual cost which is required in order to achieve the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority) license.

Documents Required For FSSAI Registration

Apparently, documents are catechized into two theory 1st is for central food license and 2nd is for a state food license.

To which – following are the documents required for FSSAI Registration or you may name it documents required for FSSAI licence in India, elaborated as:

Documents Required For Central FSSAI Registration || Licence

  • Processing unit plan illustrating – dimensions & operation-wise area allocation.
  • Form B duly notarized and signed.
  • A list of all the directors, partners, and proprietor along with the address, contact details and photo ID, queued in accordance with the joining format.
  • List describing the name of types of equipment and machinery.
  • Subsequently, a list of complete food niche which will be manufactured.
  • Authorized letter from the manufacturer, nominated as a responsible person name and address.
  • Source of raw material, likely to be contained milk, meat, cocoa powder, sugar, etc.
  • Analysis report of purified water, used in the overall process.
  • A certificate from the ministry of tourism and commerce for 100 percent EOU (Export Oriented Units).
  • A copy of NOC/PA (No Objection Certificate) & license, issued from the FSSAI department, manufacturer and municipality or local body. 
  • Documents of IEC (Import Export Code) issued by the DGFT along with the Form IX.
  • A certificate in the faith of premises possession proof & food safety management plan.
  • Partnership deed along with the affidavit of a sole proprietorship.
  • Declaration form and all other supporting documents for the proof of turnover and transportation.

Note: Among all, two of the proofs must be valid, recent and less than 2 months old. Over next, DSC + DIN (Digital Signature Certificate + Director Identification Number) both should be submitted as of the hard copy and all other incorporation documents must be uploaded as of the – soft copy.

Documents Required For State FSSAI Registration || Licence

Meanwhile, the documents to support the registration in the faith of State FSSAI license are as:

Admirably for obtaining the state FSSAI licence, you need to replicate all the supporting documents of central FSSAI licence.

The list didn’t end here – you too need to bring out a copy of certificate obtained under coop act 1861 or multi coop act 2002.

Note: The registered business entity should have an office in the particular state of India to which it was registered.

Documents Required For FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration Process | LeadingFile

To our knowledge – it is believed that there are more than 5 crore food businesses in India, to which only 33 lakhs are registered with the FSSAI.

Whereon, with the growing importance of food quality, all will be required to get registered. So, don’t be late, index your FSSAI Registration with us, today!

As of – FSSAI registration is one of the most reliable, beneficial & mandatory registration, run by the government of India, partially ~ online & offline! Hence, one needs to join a community overflowing with online as well as offline business opportunities & secretarial compliances, which can help you with the entire FSSAI registration process.

Needless to suggest LeadingFile! We at LeadingFile can assist you in obtaining FSSAI registration, online as well as offline within 15 to 20 working days, subject to the FSSAI act, government and client processing time.

FSSAI Registration Process

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over FSSAI Registration Procedure?

Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile’s secretarial compliances & business pro-advisor.

FSSAI Application Form Preparation

Within the FSSAI registration process, application preparation is the only thing which is supposed to be utmost important.

So, in order to prepare the FSSAI application form, a LeadingFile financial expert will get in touch with you within no matter time. Accidentally, being an expert he will take care of each and every short often the long term and finally will prepare your application in the prescribed format, online at the unified portal.

Later to the FSSAI form preparation & filing, you will be required to allot the all necessary supporting documents along with the DSC.

Upon filing the FSSAI Application form, FSSAI verification will be done in the faith of FSSAI Licence Number Generation.

FSSAI Form Verification

As discussed above – once the FSSAI application form is prepared and sent, details allotted by you will be verified.

Later to which, the FSSAI office will process the application form and will provide you with an FSSA number by which you can look after the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) status.

FSSAI License Allotment & Submission

Utmost last step! Under this alternative step, the FSSAI application form after being verified is submitted to the FSSAI.

Upon the submission, we shall send you the 14 digit ID number, FSSAI number and Temporary identity card. At last, the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) will allot you a license for your business.

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