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Limited Liability Partnership Registration


Well, Indexing your private limited company was never this easy before. But in accordance with the current era – It too is not a doddle till.

Hence, avail the benefits of a partnership and a company with us. As off, we are always working hard to build the real values. LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Registration is one of them.

Needless to utter; It is translucent clear that we are the largest and trending LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) registrar in India, and can be elaborated so because we assign for the one person company, partnership, proprietorship, and many more services.

Hence, register an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) online with us – today!

Literally, the vast & new trend which has been noticed of-late is that – more and more entrepreneurs have begun opting for LLP (Limited Liability Partnership.) But, what is LLP & what for the LLP registration is made in India?

Let’s get cracked to the same –

(LLP) – stands for the “Limited Liability Partnership” and the registration is done for making a firm registered to the limited liabilities.

Now, moving forward towards the indexing process of limited liability partnership registration along with LeadingFile will allot you the following commodity; which are elaborated as follows:

A Simple Checklist Manager

Will allot you a dedicated manager

Obtain “2” DPIN & DSC

Meanwhile, MCA indexed partners.

Name Research & Approval

We will abet you to opt for a unique name.

LLP Agreement Drafting

Quite free 10+ exclusive legal agreements.

Our Deeds To Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

LLP Was Introduced In India Via The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008.”

As off, we discussed, It’s one of the on-going trends.

But, what made the LLP twin; hence, accompany us to know the reasons behind the emergence of LLP’s. Because looking a few years rear there used to be only two forms of organization holding their own plus and minuses.  

1: Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Organizations,

2: Unlimited Liability Partnerships (ULP) – Proprietorship/Partnership.  

Overhealing the steps towards same; we concluded that, now you must be gazing for the meaning & definition of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership.)

Introduction To LLP Registration

In accordance with the law – “LLP is a corporate business entity that enables limited partners, professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to enjoy limited liability while general partners have unlimited personal liability.”

In other words – “LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is a business vehicle, introduced to integrate the benefits of partnership and limited liability.”

Stepping forward towards the general base behind the introduction of llp is to assign a business unit, which is very easy and comfortable to prolong while providing limited liability for owners.

However, the pre-eminent cause why the concept of limited liability partnership registration has enlarged is its simplicity and easy maintenance. Subsequently, the vast advantage of limited liability partnership over a traditional partnership firm is it succor even the owners to limit their liabilities.

Consequently, another vast and the main advantage of llp is that under llp a single partner is not accountable or liable for another partners delinquency. Very often, It assigns limited liability protection for the owners from the liability of the llp.

Thereafter, with no hassle, a thing to utter is unlike private limited company shareholder, the partners of a limited liability partnership have the entire rights to manage the business directly. Needless to utter! It is one of the easiest form of business to affiliate and operate in India, and thus is preferred by professionals, micro, and small firms.

Whereas, a limited liability partnership is not capable of accommodating equity shares. Hence, It should be used for any of the business entity that has plans for elevating equity funds during the life-cycle.

Now, have a look at why to choose us as your llp registration company! The obvious reason to opt or choose or select LeadingFile is – we the market leader in accordance with llp registration services in India. Afterward, we too assign for the one person company, partnership, proprietorship, section 8 company, nidhi company, and many more services. Concurrently, we are the best company/firm registration services provider in India.  

Being rear to the llp registration process, the average time taken to finish a limited liability partnership registration is utmost 15 to 20 working days, subject to govt processing time. Next, If you got any hassle in the process of limited liability partnership registration, then, get a free consultation on the same along with the business setup process made in India by slotting an appointment with the LeadingFile advisor.

Welfare Of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Registration | LeadingFile

Meanwhile glancing for the welfare/benefits/advantages of limited liability partnership along with LeadingFile:

-:- Let’s get cracked to the twin -:-

Benefits Of LLP Registration

No Minimum Capital

To form a limited liability partnership,  no minimum capital is required! Consequently, for forming the same no minimum capital contribution is required.

Overhealing, the twin it can be indexed even with an amount of Rs. 1000 as the entire capital contribution.

Separate Legal Entity

As off an llp is a legal entity thus it can be viewed as a separate legal entity. Further, being a legal entity it too is a judicial person established. Now, you must be looking at why it is so?

Quite – It is established under the limited liability partnership act, 2012 and hence it has a vast legal capacity. Very often, an llp can succor you to own the property and also to have the loan.

Limited Liability Protection

It means the status of being legally responsible is only to a limited amount for the debts of a limited liability partnership. Unless the trickery has been recognized.

Along with this, the personal assets of partners are secured from any of the liability. Further, If you plan to step head with a suffix llp, then, It will be a win-win situation for you.

Easy Transferability

LLP ownership can be transferred to another person with no difficulty. Stepping forward, it can be transferred by including them as a partner of the limited liability partnership.

Further, as we all know that it is a legal entity and hence is separate from its partners. Thus, by changing the partners, the ownership of the llp registration can be changed itself.

Audit Not Required

If the turnover of any entrepreneurs is less than 40 lakhs and the capital contribution is less than 25 lakh, then, there is no need to audit an organization.

Hence, needless to utter; that llp’s are ideal for startups and small businesses those who are starting their organization and wish to have minimum regulatory compliance formalities.

Utmost Requirement For LLP Registration

Have a glimpse at the utmost requirement made for a limited liability partnership registration.

-:- Let’s get cracked to the twin -:-


Minimum 2 Partners

Each and every LLP must hold at least two partners. However, there is no limit to the maximum number of the partners.


No Capital Requirement

Very often, there is no capital required for limited liability partnership. But, It should have legitimized capital of at least 1 lakh rupees.


One Designated Partner

LLP registration detains a condition, among all the partners from the entire business at least one should be a resident of India.


Registered Office

LLP registered office doesn’t have to a commercial place, putting aside, a rented home can be the registered office, but, it too needs to have the NOC letter from the landlord.

Stepwise Gambit For LLP Registration

-:- Stepwise gambit means the step-by-step procedure for the limited liability partnership registration; elaborated as follows -:-

Fill Our LLP Form

The very first step is to complete our llp online questionnaire and thereafter submit LLP documents.


After healing the first step, the thing you need to do is grab the DSC & DPIN which we assign you.

Name Approval & Verification

On the other hand, name approval & verification is done. After that, we shall apply for the llp name approval.

Creation Of MOA & AOA

Last, but not least – we will create all the needed documents like MOA & AOA. And further will file them with ROC.

Congratulation! Your Work Is Completed.

Documents Prescribed For Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration

-:- Following are the documents required/demanded for limited liability partnership registration; which are as follows -:-

Documents Required For Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Partners - Identity Proof

Identity proof of partners should contain the following things – PAN card which is mandatory for Indian nationals partner to register an llp. Subsequently, a notarized copy of the passport is required for the foreign nationals partner.

Partners - Address Proof

Partners address proof too is required! Ahead with this, DL (Drivers License,) Aadhaar, Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Passport size photograph are also required. Whereas, two of them should be recent and less than two months old.

Signed Embodiment Documents

Last, but not least – for proofing the access to a registered office, a hard copy of the digital signature certificate is required.

Very often, all other document application must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

Proof For Registered Office

In accordance with limited partnership registration act, all the firms should have a registered office in India.

And for this, a copy of rental agreement or sale deed, long lasting with NOC letter from the landlord is required.

How LeadingFile Succour With LLP Registration

Being India’s one of the largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, we assign the best services among all the entrepreneurs.

Thus, opting LeadingFile: can assist you in registering a Limited Liability Partnership within 15 – 20 working days, subject to the govt and client processing time.

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Limited Liability Partnership? Request a call to LeadingFile Secretarial Compliances Business Advisor.

LLP Registration

After the name approval, we at LeadingFile will prepare a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Agreement! Thereafter, will file incorporation documents with MCA. Needless to say; they will approve the partnership form within 10 -12 working days. Further, after the PAN allocation, you may step forward to open your limited liability partnership bank account.

No Common Trademark

Often, provides you the trademark with no common in all registered one. Meanwhile, the IP of India’s website should not have a registered trademark by the same name. Further, if there is any, then, the name can be obtained by getting a NOC letter from the authorizing owner.

LLP Registration

Digital Signature Certificate & DIN

Well, In short, it stands for “DSC” and is also known as “Digital Signature Application.” On the other hand, DIN can be illustrated as “Director Identification Number.” Moving forward to the same they both are supposed to be needed for the proposed partner of LLP and can be obtained within 5 – 7 days.

Unique Name Compliance

In accordance with the selection process of government at least one and utmost six names can be submitted for the approval. No matter it is entirely depended on subject to the name availability, firm name guidelines, govt processing time, and name compliance can be obtained within 5 -7 days.

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