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TAN Registration

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Fast forward, we appreciate your perfect choice made for indexing a TAN registration! But before getting registered and obtaining TAN registration certificate – one should know; what TAN Number is & what for the TAN registration is made?

Generally, TAN stands for “Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number,” and is a 10 digit alphanumeric number which is needed to be obtained by all the persons who are responsible for deducting or collecting the tax.

Moving over to the next questionnaire, to which it elaborates that TAN registration is made or is required for making tax deduction or collection at source, even for the remittance of TDS payments and issuance of TDS certificates.

Well, the tax deducted at source on payments made by peoples is deposited under the TAN just to enable the assessees to those who have received the payments to claim the tax deducted from their income tax return. At present, if you are glancing for a game changer, then, your TAN registration native is just a click away.

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So, over the TAN registration, following are the key services which are included in our package:

  • TAN Application Filing
  • TAN Application Processing
  • Acknowledgment of TAN
  • Dispatch of Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number

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Over to the topic i.e, TAN Registration. As discussed above that it stands for the tax deduction and collection number and is 10 digits alphanumeric number. Where those 10 digits have a proper structure. Meanwhile, the structure of TAN is elaborated as follows;

Kindly the theory says – first four (4) digits of TAN are alphabets, the next five (5) digits of TAN are numeric and the last digit is an alphabet. Well, these digits hold a detailed view in themselves.

Where the first three alphabets of TAN represents the jurisdiction code, itself the fourth alphabet illustrate the initial case of the TAN holder name (it might be a company, individual, etc.)

TAN Registration Number

For instance – TAN allotted to Mrs. Sasmita of Delhi may appear as illustrated below:

DEL S 23456 L

Admirably, it is mandatory to have the TAN registration number which is only issued by the income-tax department to all the persons who are responsible for deducting tax at source (TDS) or those who are required to collect tax at source (TCS). However, failure to do so may engage a penalty of up to Rs.10,000.

Further on deducting tax at source, the entity which is registered for TAN will issue a TDS certificate as the proof of collection of tax.

Being contiguous, the tax deducted or collected at source ensures that the government’s collection of tax is propounded and along with that responsibility for paying the tax is diversified.

what is TDS

By alternatively going through TDS, one might have a questionnaire in his/her mind i.e, what is TDS?

Definition – “It is a short-term which stands for “Tax Deducted At Source”. further on, the tax (income) deducted at different sources is known to be TDS.”

Likewise, a sole proprietorship business and other amenities like – private limited company, limited liability partnership, nidhi company, section 8 company, partnership, GST registration, GST returns filing, public limited company, etc must deduct tax at source while making certain payments. The payments over which the TDS is deducted are as follows; Salaries, Interest payments by banks, Rent payments, Consultation fees, Commission payments, Professional fees, etc.

Alternate to this, under section 194-IA, a person (individual) who is salaried and is required to deduct tax can use PAN instead of TAN. And if you are looking beyond the fact of same, then you must know the difference between PAN & TAN.

Which says – TAN is a number which is allotted to a person who is liable to deduct tax or collect tax at source, whereas, PAN is a number which is allotted to a person who earns income and is only liable to pay taxes.

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But before all one must know that for obtaining TAN, an application must be made for the allotment of TAN application under Form 49B. Thereafter, by looking at that TAN application form, the TAN number will be allotted to the entities. To which the entities must quote the TAN in overall TDS returns/payment challans/certificates, as well as TCS returns/payment challans/certificates.

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Key Advantages Of TAN Registration | LeadingFile

Following are the key advantages or benefits of a TAN registration;

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Key Advantages Of TAN Registration

Statutory Compliance's

TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) registration holds the honor of being statutory compliances!

Since the very registration is mandatory for deducting tax at source, it succors an organization to satisfy the statutory requirement. To which it allots the deducting and depositing of tax at source.

Lifetime Validity

Once the TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) is allotted, it becomes valid for the lifetime purpose.

Alter to this, only the TDS filings need to be made quarterly on the 15th of Jan, May, July and October. Whereas, those who will be found non-filing of TDS filings will attract a penalty.

Easy TDS Payments

TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) must be paid into an authorized bank while quoting the TAN and by using challan 281.

A small boundation to same is – TDS during the preceding month must be paid before the 7th day of the following month. Just by following these amenities one can make a payment with zero restrictions, which leads to easy TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) payments.

Facilitation Center

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As off – we are the authorized TAN facilitation center and being so we succor in obtaining TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) within no time. Subsequently, for the sake of same, you just need to share the TAN application and supporting documents.

Documents Required For TAN Registration | LeadingFile

Following are the documents required/demanded for TAN registration in India; elaborated as follows:

  • Address Proof (Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill, etc.)
  • Certificate Of Company Registration (Company PAN Card, NOC.)
  • Partnership Deed (In Case Of LLP – If Required.)
  • Applicants Information (Name, Contact Details, DCS.)

Note: They must obtain DCS (Digital Certificate Signature) & DIN, which need to be submitted as the hard copy. However, all other TAN incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

Documents Required For TAN Registration

How LeadingFile Helps With TAN Registration

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TAN registration procedure

Free Consultation

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Complete TAN Application Form

Under TAN registration procedure the very first step says that before all a TAN application form must be made. To which, for you – we at LeadingFile prepares the same within 3 working days.

However, to these working days, a compliance manager will get in touch with you to obtain your DSC + DIN respectively.

Thereafter, he will ask for the required TAN registration documents which are elaborated above. At last, documents and application forms will be verified by our experts. Once they both get verified and prepared they will proceed it for the next phase i.e, TAN application form filing.

TAN Application Form Filing

Utmost second step, need to be taken after the completion of first one i.e, TAN application form preparation! However, by being a TAN facilitation center, our experts will file the application against TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) and will submit that form to the respective Tax Department.

TAN Allotment | LeadingFile

In other words, the particular heading can be elaborated as – obtaining TAN registration. Well, the very step needs to be taken after the completion of the second one i.e, TAN application form filing! Where it says – once the TAN application and attached supporting TAN documents are verified by the tax department, it will allot a TAN number for your business.

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