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We are always working hard to build the real values! One Person Company Registration is one of them. Subsequently, one person company registration in India has become an ideal for the entrepreneur, who has alone started an organization.

Well. It is translucent clear that we are the largest and trending business service platform provider in India, and can be said so because we assign for the sole proprietorship, partnership, and many more services.

Hence, It’s a great time for entrepreneurs to take their firms to the next level with our OPC (One Person Company) registration service.

Let’s get engaged with the same;

One Person Company Registration

Indexing your one person company registration along with LeadingFile will allot you the following commodity; which are as follows:

INC-32 Approval

Succours your firm to be incorporated

Name Reservation

We will aid you to pick a unique name

PAN & TAN For A Firm

Allocates both – in a request to NSDL

MoA & AoA For A Firm

Often, will draft your firm’s constitution

Overall Cognizance Towards One Person Company (OPC) Registration


Well, you must be looking for the definition of one person company registration or must have a will to know about what is OPC?

Let’s begin with the same –

Before that, we would like to involve a quote, “LeadingFile is extremely glad to inform, that you may now index or register one person company in India, that too with the minimum cost and no hassle, with us!”

Getting back to the point, we acrossed one person company is a registered firm which has a single shareholder.

However, looking forward at the same registration form, we found that it was introduced through companies act in 2013, just to support the entrepreneurs.

Guide On OPC Registration

Especially those entrepreneurs, who on their own are capable of starting a firm or one person company. And this all is done by allowing them to develop a single person company entity. Now, you must be looking for the advantages of the same!

We will be elaborating them soon in detail, for the time, let’s get engaged with the biggest advantage of OPC (One Person Company,) i,e, there can be only one member in an OPC. And a minimum of two members or parties are involved for assimilating and sustaining a private limited company, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership,) or an LLLP (Limited Liability Limited Partnership.)

For the general point, One Person Company (OPC) Registration was introduced as a well-built enhancement over the sole proprietorship, and hence, it has become much more popular.

Thus, It will lead to more revenue and if an OPC hits an average 3 year turnover of over RS. 2 crore or has a paid-up capital of over RS. 50 lakh, then, it must be turned into a private limited company within a fixed time interval that’s 6 months.

Last but not least, a common query; why one need to choose One Person Company: Because of the following reason illustrated as follows:

  • Only a single member is required,
  • Easy to startup and prolong comparatively,
  • Uninfluenced by the change in proprietorship.
  • Utmost compliances,
  • Literally, can act as a stockbroker, 
  • Easily bound the liabilities of members.

Advantages Of One Person Company (OPC) Registration | LeadingFile


-:- Benefits/Advantages of opting a one person company along with leading files are as follows -:-

Minimal Compliances

One of the biggest advantage; such company is the only type of corporate entity which can be started and operated by a single promoter, often known as shareholder, whereas this is done along with the limited liability protection in India.

However, under one person company, the business holding a relevant existence and easy ownership transferability is entirely guarded by a corporate form of lawful entity.

Limited Liability

One Person Company Registration has limited liability. And this can be said often because the personal property of directors is always secured in a private limited company.

However, it too is not affected, even if it is the business loan.

Advantages Of One Person Company Registration

Borrowing Capacity

Such registration has a borrowing capacity, and this can be said because banks and financial institutions prefer to give funds to a company despite the partnership firm or sole proprietorship concerns.

Subsequently, OPC (One Person Company) can’t issue the equity security because it can only be borrowed by a single person at all the times.

Continuous Existence

A firm has continuous succession which means uninterrupted existence unless it is legally broken.

One Person Company is often a separate legal person company and is unaffected by the death or other retrials of any member and continuous in the presence despite the changes made in ownership.

Greater Credibility

Since an OPC (One Person Company) registration requires its books to be audited annually, hence we can elaborate that it has a greater credibility with vendors, employees, bankers and lending institutions.

Consequently, It requires minimum paperwork as compared to other firms and their registrations.

Depth Eligibility For OPC (One Person Company) Registration In India

Needless to say! Following are the minimum eligibility for one person company registration in India:

-:- Let’s get cracked to the same -:-


Only One Person

Only a single person is required to become the shareholder of the entire firm. Quite, the number of directors can exceed up to 15.


No Minimum Capital

Under OPC registration, invest in accordance with the requirement of your firm. Further, there is no minimum capital needed for the startup.


One Native Director

Among all one director of the company should be the native in India. Looking forward, a person is called native when he lives in India for at least 182 days.


A Unique Name

The firm name must be unique! However, It should not be the same or should not get matched from the existing firm or a trademark name.

Documents Demanded For One Person Company Registration

-:- Following are the documents required/demanded for one person company registration; which are as follows -:-

Identity Proof Of Director & Nominee Director

Meanwhile, PAN Card is mandatory for the main and nominee director to get registered as a one person company. Subsequently, both the main and nominee director should be Indian.

Address Proof Of Director & Nominee Director

Address proof too will be required! Along with this, Passport, DL (Drivers License,) Aadhaar, Bank Statement, Electricity Bill are also needed. However, two of them should be recent and less than 2 months old.

Documents Required For One Person Company Registration

Registered Office Proof

In accordance with one person company registration act, all the organization should have a registered office in India.

And hence a copy of rental agreement or sale deed, along with the electricity bill, NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord is needed.

Signed Incorporation Documents

Well, for evincing the access to a registered office, a hard copy of DCS (Digital Signature Certificate) is required.

However, all other incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

Why LeadingFile For - OPC (One Person Company) Registration

As off – we are India’s largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, provides the best services among all registrar.

Hence, opting LeadingFile: can assist you in indexing an OPC (One Person Company) within 10 to 15 days. Elective to say! “We are the right formation for solo entrepreneurs looking beyond the slot.”

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Filing For Incorporation

Under one person company, a single application spice-32 is registered for DIN allotment and incorporation of the firm. Further, with the allotment of this form, the certificate of incorporation is issued.

A Company Registration

Upon achieving the company name approval, the registered application and incorporation documents should be submitted to the government. However, in accordance with the processing time, the government will often approve the application form.

OPC registration help

Digital Signature Certificate & DIN

In short, it stands for “DCS” and the DIN is elaborated as “Director Identification Number.”

However, these both (DSC + DIN) are needed for the proposed director of OPC (One Person Company.) Very often, they too can be obtained within 2 to 4 working days.

Name Approval Of The Firm

Utmost 6 and at least 1 name can be submitted for the selection process to the government.

No matter – it is completely depended on subject to the availability, firm name guidelines, government processing time, and name approval which can be obtained in 2 to 4 working days.

A Separate Legal Entity

OPC (One Person Company) is said to be a separate legal entity because it’s held by a single member.

Unlike all other registrations which require at least two shareholders & directors, one person company can also be formulated by a single shareholder.

PAN, TAN And Bank Account

A permanent account number and TAN is allotted by the IT (Income-Tax) department.

Generally, this is declared onto the certificate of incorporation and is commonly used by some of the online banking services. Further, in the end, a bank account opening is done by the company itself.

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