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Partnership Registration Is An Ideal For Small-Medium Sized Businesses. The only quote for partnership business, we utter is; “Take Care Of Your Business, While We Take Care Of The Paperwork.”

Further, being an India’s largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, we assign for proprietorship, partnership, and many more services. Hence, scale your business with a partnership that works: “LeadingFile!”

Now, you must be looking for partnership definition. So, for the sake twin, let’s get cracked to one of its definition which is elaborated as:

“It is an arrangement where parties concur to unite and advance their mutual interest.”

Let’s get engaged with the same;

You can register or index your partnership firm registration along with LeadingFile in two basic forms/types:

1: General Partnership Registration,

2: And, Via LP (Limited Partnership) Registration.

partnership images

Glimpse Of Our Approach To Partnership Firm Registration

LeadingFile: A dominant and contemporary business service platform provider, assigns the partnership firm registration via above-shown forms.

Further, we enlarged our criteria over LP (Limited Partnership) registration type; and now you can register or index partnership against the illustrated forms/types also:

  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • LLLP (Limited Liability Limited Partnership)

Well, for a startup like ours, one need to understood; What Is Partnership?

Fairly, It is a business structure in which two or more parties cooperate to manage, operate and control the entire firm, according to the rules and goals set forth in the Partnership Deed or upon the rights conferred by Partnership Act.

Now, you must be staring at parties, here, parties implicit the partners, which can be an entire business, individual, schools, organizations, etc.

Needless to say! Partnership registration is comparatively easy and is usual among small and medium-sized firms in the unorganized sectors. Well, there are two types of partnership firms:

  • Registered Partnership Firm
  • Unregistered Partnership Firm

Subsequently, It is not necessary to register a partnership firm. But, it is quite advisable to register a partnership firm due to the added advantages. However, such an organization is fabricated by drafting a partnership deed among all the partners.

Last, but not least! LeadingFile can lessen you to start a registered or unregistered partnership firm in India.

Benefits Of Naming A Partnership With LeadingFile

Benefits/Advantages of naming a partnership with leading files are as follows:

Minimal Compliances

Partnership leads to the less compliance!

And this can be uttered because, despite getting indexed under any partnership act, it has to file a single separate tax return for the business. Whereas, proprietorship needs to file its own tax return – too.

Further, if the partnership has been registered under GST registration, then only it has to file the returns for GST compliance. 

So it is formal and very simple native – which get registered with the minimum compliance.

Benefits Of Partnership Registration

Business Name

Since the name of a firm is not registered or indexed with the partnership registration forms, the organization can opt any name for a startup. However, as long as it doesn’t violate on a registered trademark it can opt.

And, since the trademark registration is not obtained, against the firm name, any other person can use the same business name. So, opt LeadingFile to get registered within a partnership — today.

Partnership Deed

Partnership deed has its own format and is often known as the partnership agreement.  However, it is a document which determines in detail the ownership and responsibility of all partners towards a business operation.

Well, a deed can be indexed by the registrar of the same firm, has the strength of law and is designed to mentor the parties.

Easy To Establish

A partnership is comparatively easy to establish and start, cumbersome legal formalities are involved in the registration process. Subsequently, registration is not compulsory at all!

Whereas, if the organization is not registered, then, it might be destitute of definite legal benefits. Generally, a registrar of the organization is accountable for indexing a partnership firm.

Relatively Inexpensive

As off partnership registration requires the minimal registration options — hence, is relatively inexpensive. However, it has certain rule and goals that have to be followed while placing a partnership firm.

But that rules never says to invest a lot, often, the premises get shared among parties. Here, the parties may be an individual, school or organization, etc.

Documents Needed For Partnership Firm Registration

Following are the documents required for partnership registration; which are as follows:

Identity & Address Proof

The shareholders and all directors of the company to be incorporated, are required to hand over identity and address proof.

Very often the PAN is compulsory for Indians. Whereas, In case of foreign nationality, notarized copy of the passport is mandatory. Along with this, the residual proof documents like bank statements or electricity bills need to be less than of 2 months old.

Identity Proof Of Parties

  • PAN for Indian nationals, and
  • Notarized copy of passport for foreign nationals.
  • Scanned copy of ID Proof, likely to be contained – Voter’s ID or DL (Driver’s License.)

Address Proof Of Parties

  • Passport, DL (Driving License,) Aadhaar, Bank Statement, and Electric Bill.
  • Two of the documents must be valid, recent and less than two months old.
  • Last but not least, In the case of foreign nationals and NIR’s, each and every document needs to be notarized.

Documents required for partnership

Registered Office Proof

This fleck says that the organization needs to have a registered office in India.

However, to claim the bout to the registered office, a recent copy of the electricity bill or tax receipt or water bill need to be submitted by the parties.

Subsequently, the utility bill, rental agreement or sale, along with a notified letter from the landowner, with his consent to use the office as a registered office of a company is mandatory.

Proof For Registered Office In India

  • Rental agreement, Sale deed, Electric bill copy, and a receipt of tax returns.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from landlords for the use of premises as the registered office.

Signed Partnership Deed

  • The worth of the stamp paper will vary based on the partnership firm investment.
  • Partnership agreement in non-judicial stamp paper or format signed by all parties.
  • Once the partnership deed is signed, it should be dated by all the partners.

Documents Needed For Partnership Registration

LeadingFile Perspective Towards Partnership Registration

Our approach to start up a partnership ends within 7 to 14 days, subject to the Govt and client processing time.

Hence, “Join A Community Overflowing With The Opportunity” — LeadingFile.Com

Free Consultation

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Obtaining PAN And TAN

It is completely based on you and your package which you have selected. Further, looking at the package we will help you to obtain a PAN & TAN registration for you partnership agency.

However, the registration is done from the relevant authorities — subject to the Govt and client processing time.

Partnership Registration

Partnership Deed Registration

Before the registration took place, let me share a very common thing — partnership deed format. Needless to say! The partnership will go through the same format.

Subsequently, LeadingFile has been requested on the basis of your request and service level.

Because we assist you in registering a deed with a concerned authority to make the partnership, “a registered partnership firm.”

NGO Partnership Registration

Well, the NGO partnership registration is not made on regular basis. Thus, It’s not a regular process. But, we provide 24/7, 365 days!

Needless to say! NGO registration itself is a free facility provided & handled by the government of India at the planning commission which in common stands for NITI ayog.

But you may plan the NGO registration with us at LeadingFile.

Partnership Deed Format Drafting

We are independent of drafting, hence, craft a deed draft very first.

At first — LeadingFile financial specialist completely understands your business, parties, partnership structure, and other relevant details.

However, this process is just carried out to draft a partnership deed which is acceptable to all the parties.

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