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Moving over to the next phase, we concluded that you must be glancing for the pattern or way to register a private limited company. Well, It is the most accepted way to start up a business in India. Next, get to know about PLC (Private Limited Company) registration, what this registration is for & what it is? Let’s get cracked to the same! Keep reading…

Definition“PLC (Private Limited Company) registration in India is a simplest and most popular legal entity incorporated under companies act, 2013.” In other words, “It is a kind of privately held small business company, and is also known as LTD.”

Glancing over next; this registration is done for making an organization/entity registered or indexed to the MNC. So, If you have a will to register or index your private limited company, then – LeadingFile can help you in three easy & possible manners via obtaining:

MoA & AoA For A Firm

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Name Research & Approval

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Director Registration

We will help you to register a firm’s director

Our Beneficial Service Towards Pvt Ltd Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration Was Introduced In India Via The MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs,) Companies Act, 2013, And – In accordance With The Incorporation Rules, 2014.”

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So, register your firm this time with us! We at LeadingFile renders stunning package for the startups to index your Pvt Ltd company in India. Now, you might be glancing at “what is a private limited company.” Let’s get cracked to the twin:

PVT (Private Limited Company) is a type of corporate legal entity which is registered through private limited companies rules, companies act, 2013.

Complete guide on Pvt Ltd company

Subsequently, Pvt Ltd company registration is the most ordinary and commercial structure of a corporate business organization, very often, it is the most effective option for startup businesses in India.

Further, to register a Pvt Ltd company, a minimum of two shareholders and two directors are mandatory, where a normal person can be both, but a corporate legal organization can be only a shareholder. However, the directors of the private limited company have limited liability to that of creditors and these creditors despite selling own assets of directors can only sell the company’s assets.

Now, you must be thinking of – how to start a private limited company in India, right? If you wish to start a firm in India literally, then, the very first thing you need to do is register your company/firm as a Pvt Ltd company. And the very statement we have uttered is because of its features, meanwhile, the features of a private limited company are illustrated as follows:

  • Perpetual Existence
  • Offers You – Different Tax Benefits
  • Ability To Raise Equity Funds
  • Limited Liability Protection To Shareholders

Needless to say! These features make it the most suggested type of business entity.

Last but not least; LeadingFile being the market leader assigns the best ever services relating to company registration in Delhi NCR | India. And hence, our experts can succor you to make out your company registration within 10-15 working days, subject to the govt processing time.

Advantages Of Naming A Private Limited Company With LeadingFile

-:- Among the countless, the basic benefits/advantages of a private limited company registration are illustrated as follows -:-

Advantages Of Private Limited Company

Limited Risk To Personal Assets

As off, we discussed above – the shareholder of a Pvt Ltd Company have limited liabilities. But never unfolded this statement, by now we are going to elaborate the same,  the very statement means that as a shareholder you will only be liable to pay for limited liability of a company to the very extent of the contributions made by you.

FDI Allowed

FDI stands for – Foreign Direct Investment! But, now the question arises how it can be an advantage of private limited company registration. Well, such an entity which are limited to the corporative era is allowed for FDI up to 100%.  Somehow, this means that any foreign organization or itself a foreigner can invest directly into a Pvt Ltd Company.

Raising Capital

In India, Pvt Ltd Company has been in existence for a long time and in fact, enjoys wide acceptance worldwide. Apart from the public limited company, it is the only form of business to raise funds. Even though indexing a PLC arrives with the compliances requirement, it is suggested by the businessman. As it succors them to raise funds through equity.

Legal Entity

A normal person can establish his or her own private limited company under the companies act, 2013. And it too can have a private limited company board resolution format in a very easy manner. Getting back to the topic – it is said so, because a firm has a series of legal capabilities, including – employees recruiting, opening a bank account, taking the equity or obtaining licenses, and many more.

Uninterrupted Existence

Meanwhile to say! A Pvt Ltd Company has continuous existence until it is legally broken. However, It is unaffected by the death or other issues, regarding the departure of any director or shareholder. Even though, If the changes are made to the ownership of the company, then to it keep to be in continuous existence.

Easy Transferability

Contiguous to the upper advantage, uninterrupted existence; there out the ownership of an entire business can be transferred easily to a firm by transferring shares. Further, the formalities of signing, the filing of a share transfer form and the share certificate are enough to transfer the ownership of a firm. However, In a Pvt Ltd Company, a shareholder may need the consent of other shareholders even of the director to influence.

Documents Required For Private Limited Company Registration

-:- Following are the documents required/demanded for Pvt Ltd Company registration; which are as follows -:-

Identity & Address Proof

Basically, the shareholder and directors of a firm to be incorporated in are required to hand over the identity and address proof.

Contiguous, PAN Card is mandatory for both personalities to get registered as a private limited company. Subsequently, In case of the foreigner, a notarized copy of the passport is compulsory and residential proof documents like bank statement or electricity bills need to be submitted by the firm itself, which should be less than 2 months old.

Identity Proof Of Shareholders & Directors
  • PAN Card for Indian nationals, and
  • Notarized copy of passport for the foreigner.
Address Proof Of Shareholders & Directors
  • Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Details, Bank Statement, and Electric Bill.
  • Along with this, two of the documents must be valid, recent and less than two months old.

Proof For Registered Office In India

Here, at this spot – the organization needs to have a registered office in India.

Whereas, to claim the bout as an indexed office, a recent copy of any of the identity proof is required. Further, the utility bill, rental agreement or sale, along with a notified letter from the landowner is mandatory.

Registered Office Proof
  • NOC from landlords for the use of premises as the registered office.
  • Rental accord, Sale deed, a copy of the Electric bill, and a receipt of Tax Returns.
Signed Company Deed
  • A hard copy of DCS (Digital Signature Certificate.)
  • However, all other incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

LeadingFile Slant Towards Private Limited Company Registration

This time experience the new arena of Pvt Ltd Company Registration at LeadingFile!

Needless to utter, our slant to start up a private limited firm ends within 14 to 20 working days, subject to the govt and client processing time.

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Fill Simple Checklist

Very first, a manager will get in touch with you to get your DCS (Digital Signature Certificate) along with a common checklist.

Next – the thing you need to do is fill up that form and submit it for the further processing.

At last, all the documents will be verified by experts and the compliance manager will assign you the progress of your company registration.

Pvt Ltd company Registration guide

Unique Name Compliance

In accordance with the selection process of govt at least one and a maximum of six names, can be aligned for the approval process. However, this step is preceded after the submission of your documents along with the checklist.

MOA & AOA Submission

Utmost important step – after the name approval, MOA: which stands for (Memorandum Of Association) & AOA: which commonly stands for (Article Of Associate) should be drafted and indexed with the MCA.

Company Registration

At last, we will file the incorporation documents to the MCA through a form named “SPICe (INC-32).” However, once the CIN, PAN & TAN are assigned alongside, the form gets approved within 2 to 3 working days.

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