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Getting back to the stuff i.e – EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) Registration.

EPF/PF registration

To the known facts – PF registration stands for “provident fund registration” and is another name for pension fund registration. Implemented by the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) and is applicable for all the organizations which employ 20 or more persons.

Subsequently, it is to provide employees with the lump-sum payments at the time of exit from their organization. But it (EPF) somehow differs from the pension fund registration by not holding the monthly pension payments.

In accordance with EPF (Employees Provident Funds) and miscellaneous provisions act, 1952 – by employers & for the welfare of the employees, it is mandatory to register for EPF.

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Establish EPF Number

Finally, we will establish a 17 digit EPF number for you.

Application Drafting

We will draft your application for EPF registration.

PF Status | Data Check

Later to drafting, we do a thorough check of your provident funds.

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Crown Audit Over EPF/PF Registration

What is EPF/PF/ESI

The first thing needs to be understood by one, What is EPF/PF/ESI?

Quite Easy! ”EPF/PF in complete stands for Employees Provident Funds.”

Whereon it (Employees Provident Fund) is a scheme or savings tool for the manpower. Somewhat, regulated under the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation).

Now, you might be glancing at EPFO – In terms of clientele & the volume of financial transactions, employees’ provident fund organization is one of the world’s largest social security organization.

Fast forward – the EPF/PF & its registration is what introduced and controlled by the employees’ provident funds & miscellaneous provisions act, 1952.

In accordance with the act & eligibility criteria of PF registration, EPF is applicable for all those organizations which employ 20 or more persons and even can also be obtained voluntarily by the organizations having less than 20 employees. These 20 employees list includes – housekeeping, daily wage worker, security or other contractual workers.

Next, both the employer & employee of any organization equally have to contribute 12% of their basic salary (Dearness Allowance + Wages + Retaining Allowance) to the PF (Provident Fund) account. However, the PF deduction rate will be 10% if the organization has employed less than 20 employees.

On the other hand, ESI which itself stands for “Employees’ State Insurance” is self-financing social security and health insurance scheme.

The very scheme is maintained by the ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation), which by own in accordance with ESI act 1948 – maintains the entire funds. It is no secret that the ESI scheme applies to each & every individual who is engaged with a non-seasonal organization, wherein ten (10) or more persons are engaged together.

However, as per the EPF guidelines effect from 1st Jan 2017, any of the employee earning Rs 21,000 per month or less, comes under the ESI (Employees’ State Insurance) scheme coverage.

So, those who are eligible, register before the very month of hiring employees. As off – any delay may result in a penalty.

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Benefits Of PF & Its Registration

Following are the key benefits or advantages of PF & its registration:

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Risk Coverage

This alternative, is one of the most fundamental benefit to that of PF!

Somehow covers all the risk that may arise due to the illness, retirement or any other demise of the employees and their dependents.

Long Term & Emergency Goals

Like other registration benefits, EPF registration benefits too hold the long term & emergency goals benefit! Wherein – there are many long-term & emergency goals, likely to be contained as – marriage, family occasions, mishappening, illness, higher education, etc.

In other words, goals that require the urgent availability of the funds are termed under this alternative.

Later, to these goals, the accumulated PF amount can be of great comfort.

Benefits Of PF

Insurance Deposit Scheme

The key benefit of PF registration, i.e – employees deposit insurance scheme!

Fast forward, the very scheme is for the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) account holders. In accordance with it, life insurance premium deducts the 0.5 percent of the employee’s basic salary.

Wraps Pension

Among all, one of the finest benefit of PF registration, i.e, wraps pension!

Under this alternative, employees apart from the 12% EPF (Employees Provident Funds) contribution, contribute an equal amount of about 8.33% towards the EPS (Employee Pension Scheme).

Uniform Account

To the known fact – employees wish to have their account steady and transferable.

Needless to say, that go for PF registration. As off – the most important aspect of PF registration is, it aligns the uniform account and the same account too can be carried forward to any other place of the employment.

Documents Required For PF Registration

Following are the documents required/demanded for PF/EPF Registration in India; elaborated as follows:

Documents Required For PF Registration

Checklist From Proprietor/Partner/Director

  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, etc).
  • DSC + DIN in support to voluntary PF Registration.
  • 2 front-facing passport-sized photograph from the taxpayers.
  • A passport copy from each (in case of foreign nationality), duly notarized by the Indian embassy.

Checklist From Entity/Organization

  • Copy of the partnership deed (in case of a partnership).
  • A PAN card copy from the firm/organization/society/trust.
  • Incorporation certificate (In case of company/society/trust).
  • Registration certificate (In case of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)/Proprietorship/Partnership).

Key Features Relating To PF Registration

The alternate heading encapsulates the overall features which co-relate to EPF/PF registration. Meanwhile, these are the terms which you will face while getting registered under the PF registration.

Let’s discuss them in detail…

key features of provident fund (pf)

Provident Fund Withdrawal

Among all, employees who have contributed to the provident fund can only withdraw money from their provident fund account.

Further, in the faith of PF withdraw, the employee has to apply on the unified portal with a suitable reason like – house purchase, medical reasons, marriage, education, etc.

Provident Fund Return

Entities having PF registration should & must file PF return, every month. However, the due date of filing the PF returns each month is 25th.

Last but not least, the final/end provident fund return due date is 25th of April for the year ended as on 31st March.

Unified Portal - EPFO

A little background of the same is aligned under the heading – UAN (Universal Account Number)!

Getting into a bit detail of the same, unified portal is an online platform which is designed or developed to improve the ease of doing business. To which, all the services relating to the PF (Provident Funds) has been made available online through the same portal.

For instance (services like): PF registration, PF return filing, allotment of the PF registration number and payment of the PF contribution.

Universal Account Number

In short, it is known as UAN!

Fast forward, the employees who have newly allotted it can use the unified portal. Now, you must be glancing at the unified portal or one might have a questionnaire in his/her mind that – what is a unified portal.

Unified portal has been launched by the EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund), just to streamline and simplify all the aspects relating to PF (Provident Fund) for both employers & employees.

Provident Fund Payment

In short, it is known as PF payment!

Taking the things forward, the due date of PF (Provident Fund) payments is 15th of each and every month. Employers, who have the PF (Provident Fund) registration number must deposit a total of 12% or 10% of the employee wages against the provident fund on or before the due date.

On the other hand, entities those who have voluntary PF (Provident Fund) registration would be applicable to pay at the PF rate of 12 percent.

PF Registration Process | LeadingFile

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PF Registration Process

Application Form Preparation

Utmost first step! Under this alternative, a casual employee needs to prepare a PF application form for the sake of PF registration, online at the unified platform.

Later to the PF filing, a manager will get in touch with you to obtain your DSC. You just need to handover that application form and look after the PF status through your the allotted PF number.

Employer’s Detail Filing & Submission

In accordance to detail filing, tick over “I agree & I have read the instruction manual”. Thereafter, click over “Register Button”, this will take you to the new screen where all the employer’s details need to be filled.

Remember that all the fields marked with the asterisk are mandatory to be filled. Later to the PF filing, you need to press over the “Submit” button. All done!

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