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Making a view over to the depth, as off – India is a highly leading & attractive market for the NRIs to invest in and do business. Further, if you are an NRI and wishes to enlarge or setup up a business in India, then, you must register under GST.

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But prior one should know about GST registration & its compliances? In short – GST registration is a mandatory equipment for all the entities involved in buying or selling or allotting of services in India.

For the further wisdom detail of GST (Goods & Services Tax) check our portal of the twin i.e, GST registration.

GST registration for NRI

On the other hand, it’s no secret that the appeal of GST registration has increased in overall businesses. But, the business entity or individual should meet the following illustrated eligibility criteria; which is as –

  • Existing Taxpayers
  • Basic Turnover Criteria
  • An E-commerce Seller
  • Input Service Distributor

Being contiguous, opt a community overflowing the opportunities towards GST registration for NRI (foreigners.)

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Crown Audit Towards GST Registration For Non-Resident Taxpayer

Complete guide on GST registration for foreigners

Experience The New Arena Of GST Registration For NRI Taxpayer At LeadingFile!

The long-awaited GST is now in real, introduced by the government of India on 1st July 2017 in mid-night.

GST (Goods & Services Tax) is divided into five tax slabs for the collection of tax, slab ratio of the twin is as – o%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. But, who is required to get registered under GST?

In accordance with section 24 of the central GST act, 2017; individual or entity which is located outside India and occasionally undertakes transactions but is involved in doing business or allocating any services to Indians or engaged in doing these both, then, itself the individual or entity is required to get registered under GST.

Further, irrespective of the annual turnover – above mentioned amenities is mandated to apply for the GST registration at least 5 days before starting any business or service, anywhere in India.

Subsequently, an application in the faith of GST registration for a non-resident taxable person must be typed by an authorized agent of India. Here, you might be glancing at the non-resident taxable person – s/he may be an individual or entire entity which is involved in making taxable supplies of goods and services or both on any place or by any means in India.

However, the GST registration of such individual or entity will be a concern to that of state or union territory which is directly engaged in the service execution. Last longing, this provision is particularly relevant in the cases of HSS (High Sea Sale) activities, also.

On time a transaction number would be generated, just after filing the application of GST. In the meantime by using that transaction number, a taxpayer needs to make the GST deposit to obtain GST registration in India.

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Last but not least – If you got any hassle during the process of GST registration in India, then get a free consultation on the same time by slotting an appointment with the best advisor from the ignite visible platform i.e, LeadingFile.

Over to that; LeadingFile – can succor you in obtaining GST registration for foreigners & GST compliances via a proprietary GST accounting software within 5 – 10 working days, subject to the tax department processing time.

eligibility criteria of GST registration for NRI

Prime Advantages Of GST & Its Registration To Foreigners

-:- Among the countless, following are the prime advantages of GST & its registration to NRI elaborated as follows -:-

key advantages of GST registration

Ease Of Doing Business

As we discussed above – it leads to the fewer compliances and ease of doing business across the country. An alter proof and depth detail is as: entities like restaurants have to go with the VAT and service tax regulations.

Which likely creates a compliance burden over the business. Whereas, the distinction under GST registration will be gone which makes it easy of doing business.

Underneath Taxes

In accordance with this benefit & VAT regime, organizations after crossing the annual turnover of Rs. 5 lakhs are required to obey the VAT regulations.

However, to that of GST regime, liability accrues only if an organization crosses an annual turnover of Rs. 10 lakhs in northeast states, whereas, the threshold is set at Rs. 20 lakhs for rest phase of India.

Blended Platform

GST is known to be a blended platform because it is a streamlined and standardized form of indirect taxes.

However, in accordance with the GST regime, organizations need not to obtain multiple or separate VAT and service tax registration. Despite a single GST registration is enough across India for selling or purchasing goods & services or both.

Giant Tax Base

Ably, it will increase the tax base in India! However, the overall tax liability for businesses is expected to be reduced.

Along with that, it is less compliant and will make the entire process as seamless as possible. An alter proof towards the very statement is – GST will go with the latest technology. For example – aadhaar database, PAN database, etc.

Integrating Of Taxes

Basically, it subsumes two taxes in it – state taxes and central taxes, which further can be classified as: value added tax, octroi tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax and sales tax, services tax, excise duty tax, customs duty tax respectively.

Hence, it is an integrating of multiple taxes which leads to the fewer compliances and ease of doing business across the country.

Documents Required By Foreigners For GST Registration In India

-:- Following are the documents required/demanded by Foreigners/NRIs/non-residents for GST registration in India; elaborated as follows -:-

Quick Checklist From Directors

  • 4 front-facing passport-sized photograph of all the directors.
  • A passport copy from each foreign director – duly notarized by the Indian embassy.
  • DSC + DIN (Digital Signature Certificate + Director Identification Number) in the faith of GST registration.
  • A scanned copy of Voter’s ID or Passport or DL (Driver’s License) along with the PAN card of one Indian resident director.

Proof For Registered Office

  • A certified translation if documents are in the foreign language.
  • A scanned copy of the incorporation certificate issued by the foreign Govt.
  • Scanned copy of the approved rent agreement! Along with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord.
  • In faith of registered office address proof – sale deed or electricity bill or tax paid receipt is needed from the director.

How Do LeadingFile Succors In GST Registration To That Of Non-Residents

Knowingly – we are the best & India’s largest registrar of companies, secretarial compliances and return filings, provides the best services among all registrar.

Hence, opting LeadingFile: can assist you in indexing a GST (Goods & Services Tax) within 7 to 12 working days. Elective to say! “We are the right formation for solo non-resident entrepreneurs looking beyond the slot.”

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over NRI – GST Registration? Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile secretarial compliances business advisor.

Enquiry Form Filing

Utmost first step – and the very step utter to file an application form against GST! Under this step, a manager will get in touch with you to get your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and DIN (Director Identification Number.)

Further on, you need to handover that application form and all other documents for the processing. Over next, we will mail you the complete documents list, which will be verified by our team experts and at last, they will proceed with the registration formalities in accordance with the concerned tax department.

Not to end, the entire procedure will be kept updated to you by the compliance manager.

GST registration explained

GST Form Preparation

Second and the most important step: form preparation! Well, this step is followed just after obtaining the DSC & DIN. Under this step, a GST expert from LeadingFile will prepare your form and often will collect all the required documents.

GST Form Filing

Once the second step – likely to be containing the documents and DSC + DIN (Digital Signature Certificate + Director Identification Number) finishes, LeadingFile will proceed for the GST registration step along with concerned tax department.

GST Registration For NRI

The final stage of GST registration for NRIs! Once the GST form filling and attached supporting documents get verified, the concerned tax department will itself allot the GST registration number (so-called GSTIN) for your business.

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