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With 100% compliance of rules & regulations; we made it easier for the casual taxable person to do business! Hence, abandon the hassle & apply for temporary GST registration or permanent GST registration with us…

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Now, you might have a few questionnaires blinking within your mind – what temporary GST registration is & for what it is made?

Definition – “A registration, which is done on the casual basis, ends within a short-term period and often called GST casual registration – is known to be a temporary GST registration.”

Moving over to the next phase, as off – it is hard for a casual taxable person to maintain a fixed business place or file GST returns regularly, hence s/he opts to get registered under the GST casual registration.

Admirably, some special provisions have been aligned under the GST registration regime act of casual taxable person.

Let’s get engaged with the twin –

  • A person who doesn’t have fixed business or profession place can register as a casual taxpayer under the GST regime.
  • A casual taxpayer must get registered in the respective state where h/she wish to start the business. Because GST registration is state wise!
  • GST registration elaborates – there is no threshold limit for registration, hence, a casual taxpayer making the taxable supply in India needs to get registered, mandatorily.
  • One needs to apply for temporary GST registration at least 5 days prior to commencing his/her business in India. Because under the composition levy, a casual taxpayer is not able to pay the tax.

GST registration regime act provisions

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Our Specialized Service At Temporary GST Registration

Temporary GST Registration Services

Literally, one should know whether his/her business is GST friendly or requires an audit? If it requires the twin, then, get it settled with our GST experts!

However, if you’re an entrepreneur and glancing for temporary business registration? Then, the only recommended registrar is LeadingFile! We at LeadingFile: offers the best & easy process for obtaining GST registration to that of casual taxable persons.

At present – let’s get introduced with GST: it has been implemented in India from the 1st July 2017 and commonly stands for goods & services tax.

Well, a casual taxable person is not only required to obtain temporary GST registration, whereas, s/he must also obtain the GST registration and too will require to file the GST returns.

For the further wisdom details of the same, you may visit our GST registration portal page.

Getting back to the topic, in accordance with the temporary GST registration act, “casual taxable person” is a person who doesn’t have fixed place of business and occasionally undertakes transactions relating to the supply of goods and services or both. Likely to be in a state or union territory where GST is applicable.

Simultaneously, the person (casual taxable) is required to obtain GST registration irrespective of annual sales turnover criteria, mandatorily. Further, after obtaining GST registration s/he will get all the GST online login credentials.

But the registration needs to be obtained under a specific category i.e, at least 5 days prior to that of undertaking the business. Fast forward – to obtain the same, an application in the faith of GST casual registration need to be filed online along with the identity, address proof and photographs of the promoters.

After submission – a transaction number would be generated, from which all the GST deposit must be made for obtaining GST casual registration in India.

So, taxpayers those who are eligible and wish to get registered under the temporary GST registration visit LeadingFile!

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Finally, we can succor you in obtaining temporary GST registration for free within 10 to 15 working days, subject to the Govt & clients processing time.

GST casual registration

Key Advantages Of Voluntary GST Registration | LeadingFile

Meanwhile, you are looking for the benefits of temporary GST registration!

Among the countless, following are the key advantages of temporary/voluntary GST registration to that of a casual taxpayer.

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Advantages-Benefits Of Voluntary-temporary GST Registration

Integrated Platform

As we all know that GST encompasses all the [simple_tooltip content=’A tax reform which is collected by the retailers from the consumers. For instance — sales tax || VAT (Value Added Tax) || per-unit tax || GST (Goods and Services Tax) || tariff tax || excise tax.’]indirect taxes[/simple_tooltip] in it. Hence the implementation of GST would streamline and standardize all such taxes – to which it becomes the integrated platform.

And so – businesses would no longer have to obtain the multiple registrations, likely to be contained – value added tax (VAT), services tax, customs duty tax (CDT), etc in different states.

Despite a single GST registration might be sufficient across India for selling and purchasing the goods or providing services.

Input Tax Credit

It can be of – provide or take type! Under provide type – it provides input tax credit to customers. Since your business is recognized legally, you can provide taxable invoices.

Whereas, buyers, on the other hand, can take input credit on their purchases which will help in expanding the customer base.

Over to next – take input tax credit, voluntarily (temporarily) registered persons can have the input credit on their own purchases. Likely to be contained – consultation fees, legal fees, etc.

Inter-State Sales

By getting registered under temporary GST registration you can make inter-state sales without any restrictions.

Subsequently, it broads the potential market for small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Contiguously, these SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises) over the next step can opt e-commerce platform for selling their goods and services online.

Scaleable compliances

Ably, it will increase the tax base in India! However, the overall tax liability for businesses is expected to be reduced.

Along with that, it is less compliant and will make the entire process as seamless as possible. An alter proof towards the very statement is – GST will go with the latest technology. For example – aadhaar database, PAN database, etc.

One Stop Solution

One of the best advantage among all the key advantages of voluntary GST registration to that of casual taxable persons!

To which it elaborates that – getting bank loans, renting premises, copyrights, sales, insurance, finance, checklist, partnership, operating capital and many more stuff under temporarily registered businesses is quite much easier than that of other registered businesses.

Documents Required For Voluntary GST Registration In India

-:- Following are the documents required/demanded by casual taxable persons for temporary/voluntary GST registration in India; elaborated as follows -:-

Quick Checklist From Taxpayers

  • A passport copy from each foreign taxpayer – duly notarized by the Indian embassy.
  • DSC + DIN in support to voluntary GST registration.
  • 2 front-facing passport-sized photograph from the taxpayers.
  • A scanned copy of Voter’s ID or Passport or Driver’s License along with the PAN card from the casual taxable persons.

In Faith Of Registered Office Proof

  • Scanned copy of the approved rent agreement! Along with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord.
  • A certified translation if documents are in the foreign language.
  • A scanned copy of the incorporation certificate issued by the Govt.
  • Last but not least. registered office address proof – sale deed or electricity bill or tax paid receipt is needed from the taxpayer.

Documents Required For Voluntary GST Registration In India

How LeadingFile Help With Voluntary GST Registration

Expect Nothing Less Than Perfect From LeadingFile!

An alter proof towards the very statement is – we strongly believe in the hard working principle which often defines our goals with regard to our clients and the enterprise as a whole.

Subsequently, being India’s one of the largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, we assign the best services among all the entrepreneurs. Further, the only line to utter is – join a community overflowing with opportunity i.e LeadingFile.

Opting us: can assist you in registering a voluntary/temporary GST registration within 7 – 12 working days, subject to the govt and client processing time.

Temporary || Voluntary GST Registration Procedure

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Voluntary GST Registration? Abandon the hassle & request a call to LeadingFile secretarial compliances & business pro-advisor.

Application Form Preparation

The very first step! To which a casual taxpayer needs to prepare an application form for the sake of new GST registration. Fast forward under this step – a manager will get in touch with you to obtain your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) + DIN (Director Identification Number).

Thereafter, you need to handover that application form and all other documents for further processing. After getting out of the processing phase we will mail you the complete documents list which will be verified by our team experts. At last, they will proceed with the registration formalities to make you GST practitioner.

Key asset – the entire procedure will be kept updated to you by the compliances manager.

Application Form Filling

After going through the first step i.e, application form preparation, we need to perform the second – application form filling. To which our experts will file the application form and often will provide all minor & major details to the taxpayer.

GST Casual Registration

The final step of voluntary GST registration for casual taxable persons! Fast forward – once the third step i.e, application form filling finishes, our GST experts will proceed for the GST casual registration step with the concerned tax department.

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