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Indian Subsidiary Registration

Contiguous, the foreign entities have a lot of engrossment to start their operations in India as a wholly-owned subsidiary, just to get taped into one of the vast growing markets. Subsequently, they even wish to have the access at some of the best human resources, worldwide.

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We, from the very platform, will allot you the following commodity; which are illustrated as follows:

  • MoA + AoA – Approval
  • CIN (Corporate Identification No) Approval
  • PAN + TAN Registration – Approval
  • Will Succor RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) – Approval

All You Need To Know About - Wholly Owned Indian Subsidiary Registration

Guide on Wholly Owned Indian Subsidiary Registration

In Accordance With The Rapid Globalization; India Is Orificing Its Portal To FDI!

An exclusive quote from LeadingFile towards Indian subsidiary is – There wasn’t much that two business can do and we didn’t try the twin at least once. Indian Subsidiary establishment or the wholly owned subsidiary is one among them.

Now, you must be whispering – what Indian subsidiary is & for?

Well, “It is a means for extending organization to the foreign countries by choice and even – of choice.”

Getting back to the thesis, India – a land of opportunities and dexterous manpower, as one would agree! Hence, now-a-days, many foreign companies intend to open their subsidies in India to make a grip and expand their business in the fast-growing market.

A minor altercation towards the same is investing in India was never this easy, cheap, and quick ever before. But, now one can start a wholly owned subsidiary anywhere in India, whereas, there is no specific law for the Indian subsidiary registration.

Moving forward, so as to approach the investment and acquisitions of a firm, can be roughly categorized into 2 parts –

  • Investment Under Automatic Route, and
  • Investment Under Government Approval Route.

However, all you need to have is a resident Indian director and a rented or virtual office. So, those who are looking for the Indian subsidiary platform visit LeadingFile! The preeminent online platform – through which the foreign companies can incorporate their wholly owned subsidy in India, subject to the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) policy.

Needless to utter! Our team of professionals, company secretaries, and CA (Chartered Accountants) are always there for you like 24/7 to handle all the metrics relating to the incorporation of any foreign company.

Further, If you got any hassle during the process of wholly owned Indian subsidiary registration in India, then, get a free consultation on the same along with the business setup process and overall registration services made in India by slotting an appointment with the LeadingFile advisor.

Reasons To Register A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Registration In India

-:- Literally, you are glancing for the reasons, the benefits/advantages of wholly owned Indian subsidiary registration – let’s get flawed to the same -:-

Easy Transferability Of Shares

Wholly owned Indian subsidiary shares are limited and hence can be easily transferred from one shareholder to any other fellow.  

However, this transfer can be carried out by filling and signing a share transfer form. Thereafter, you need to hand over the same form to the buyer. And the transferability took place.

100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Itself the government of India has allowed 100% of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment.) Although, under several sectors of business entity it can be approved without the prior approval.

However, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is not allowed in the sole proprietorship, partnership, and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) type registrations, even they need to have a prior approval from the govt of India.  

Benefits of registering a Indian subsidiary

100% Ownership

The parent company based in any part of the world can conserve 100% ownership of its Indian wafer.

Meanwhile, the strategic decision, altar-making, offer-making, autonomy, management control, etc is always conserved by your foreign parent company. However, none of the shareholder or director can claim upon the property of the firm, as long as the company is an on-going concern.

The Scope Of Expansion

It shares the advantages of limited liability and hence the expansion scope becomes quite higher. Well, It is easy to raise the capital from a drift capitalist, angel shareholder, and financial organization to extend the growth, so too, we can say that the scope of expansion is higher.

Uncertain to utter, the company keeps growing or the scope of expansion keeps growing even in case of death, insolvency, etc.

Separate Legal Entity

Wholly owned subsidiary or Indian subsidiary enjoys the benefits of a separate legal entity in the eyes of law, which clearly states that the assets and liabilities of a business is not the entity of directors or shareholder.

Hence, your firm will be continuing as a separate legal entrepreneur, which is a legal entity and is established by a juristic person under the wholly owned subsidiary act, 2013.

Minimal Stipulation For Wholly Owned Indian Subsidiary Registration

The minimal stipulation means the minimum requirement made for a wholly owned Indian subsidiary registration. Needless to utter! Following are the minimal requirement for Indian subsidiary registration

-:- Let’s get cracked to the same -:-


Minimum 2 Shareholders

A minimum of two shareholders is required for a wholly owned subsidiary registration. Whereas, limit to the maximum number of shareholders is 200!


Minimal Capital Required

A minimum of Rs. 1 lakh is required for the Indian subsidiary registration. Further, you may invest in accordance with the requirement made by a firm.


One Native Shareholder

Wholly owned subsidiary registration made in India detains a condition – among all the shareholder from a firm at least one should be a native of India.


Equity Capital Holder

In accordance with the wholly owned subsidiary registration rules, the parent company based in the foreign must hold 50% of the total equity capital.

Deeds Prescribed For Indian Subsidiary Registration

Deeds prescribed nestle for documents required, and following are the documents demanded for the Indian subsidiary registration

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Quick Checklist From Directors and Shareholders

  • 3 Passport-sized photograph of all the directors and shareholders.
  • Last but not least, address proof of all the directors and shareholders.
  • A passport copy from the foreign director – duly notarized by the Indian embassy.
  • Resolution certificate from LLC/INC for opening a wholly owned subsidiary company in India.
  • A scanned copy of Voter’s ID or Passport or DL (Driver’s License) along with the PAN card of Indian director.

Note: At least two of the documentary proof must be valid, recent, and less than two months old.

Proof For Registered Office (Residential Or Commercial)

  • Among all – any of the utility bill.
  • A collective incorporation certificate scanned copy, issued by the foreign government.
  • A DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) in the faith of Indian subsidiary company registration.
  • Scanned copy of the approved rent agreement! Along with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord.

Note: The parent company should have a registered office in India. Moving forward, they must obtain DCS (Digital Certificate Signature) & DIN, which need to be submitted as the hard copy. However, all other incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

How LeadingFile Help With Indian Subsidiary Incorporation

LeadingFile: India’s one of the largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, assigns the best services among all the entrepreneurs.

Hence, opting us can assist you in registering a wholly owned subsidiary company registration within 30 – 60 working days, subject to the ROC, Govt, & Client processing time.

Best Indian Subsidiary Incorporation

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Wholly Owned Indian Subsidiary? Request a call to LeadingFile Secretarial Compliances Business Advisor.

Obtaining DSC & DIN

DSC, DIN respectively stands for the “Digital Signature Certificate” & “Director Identification Number.” These both are required for the proposed director of the wholly owned subsidiary company.

However, these can be obtained for a director within 5 -7 working days. Well, a compliance manager will get up to you for obtaining the documents along with a simple checklist.

Company Name approval

One of the most important factor; company name approval! Ably, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 names can be proposed and submitted to the MCA.

Contiguous, the name approval can be obtained within 5 – 7 working days, in accordance with the availability, naming guidelines, and MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) processing time.

Final Incorporation and CIN

As off, the incorporation documents can be presented to the MCA along with an application, supporting documents like registered address proof, declaration form, identity proof, etc from the director, etc.

Consequently, MCA will approve the ROC (Receipt Of Certificate) or incorporation form of the very wholly owned subsidiary within 2 – 3 working days, subject to the govt processing time.

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