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We appreciate your perfect choice made for registering section 8 company! On the other hand, the section 8 company registration itself is a perfect choice for setting up NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) & NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations.)

Being contiguous, at LeadingFile; our experts provide the complete solution for the incorporation of a not for profit section 8 company and obtaining section 8 company license.

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Section 8 Company Registration

Getting back to the topic, i.e, Section 8 Company. At present, you must be thinking of: what is section 8 company and what for the section 8 company registration in India is done? Let’s get cracked –

Definition – “A company named under the section 8-(1)(a), (b) and (c) of the Indian companies act, 2013, often established for encouraging ‘commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, development, social welfare, charity, etc,’ is known to be a section 8 company.”

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As off – it’s a great time for entrepreneurs to take their firms to the next level with our section 8 company registration service. Let’s get engaged with the same –
Indexing your section 8 company along with LeadingFile will allot you the following commodity; which are as follows:

  • Company Pan Card
  • Company Name Research & Approval
  • MoA + AoA – Approval
  • DSC+ DIN Of ‘2’ Partners & Directors

Absolute Utensil Towards Section 8 Company Registration

A complete guide on section 8 company

With an intimate understanding of the client’s business and a result-driven approach, we have enlisted ourselves as one of the ignite visible business services platform provider.

Being so and so, we at LeadingFile register the companies in most appropriate and native manner. Further on, here is what? You all need to know about the section 8 company & its registration. Keep going through the respective phase of the twin.

Section 8 Company means – a company which pertains to be established for promoting the above-illustrated amenity, along with the promotion of environment or any other object, which assigns the profit, if any. However, other income is applied for promoting only the objectives of the company and no capital is paid to its members.

Last longing, thus, itself the section 8 company and section 25 company, both are now registered under the companies act, 2013, for the charitable, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) or NPO (Non-Profit Organization) purpose.  Next, it is the only organization which is registered for so and so, amenity.

In the meantime, companies act, 1995 was regulated by section 25. And hence it was much popular to that of section 25 company. None other than, the companies act, 2013, provisions related to Non-Profit Organizations are allocated in section 8, which you may read with the rules 19 & 20 of the section 8 company incorporation rules, 2014.

Section 8 company functions exactly like a limited company, often, like all the rights and obligations that come with such a company. But the twist is: section 8 company registration in India differs from other companies in one crucial aspect, i.e, it can’t use the words – ‘Section 8 or Limited’ in its name.

Somehow, It can be said that it is similar to that of – Trust or Society. An alter proof this – as off, a section 8 company is registered under the CG MCA (Central Government’s – Ministry Of Affairs.) And to the Trusts and Societies are registered under the SGR (State Government Regulations.)

Well, a section 8 company has numerous of the advantages, when it is compared to Trust or Society. Some of them are as: Improved Recognition, Better Legal Standing, Higher Credibility, etc.

So, those who wish to have a Section 8 Company Platform visit LeadingFile!

Our team of professionals, company secretaries, and CA (Chartered Accountants) are always there for you like 24/7.

Further, If you got any hassle during the process of section 8 company registration in India, then, get a free consultation on the same along with a business setup process and overall registration services made in India by slotting an appointment with the best advisor from the ignite visible platform – LeadingFile.

Key Advantages Of Incorporating A Section 8 Company | LeadingFile

Among the countless, the key advantages/benefits of a section 8 company registration are illustrated as follows:

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No Title Required

There is no need to add – private limited, limited, section 8, etc at the end of the company name.

Whereas, it can be registered with the names that contain words like, association, foundation, society, council, trust, club, charities, institute, academy, etc.

Stamp Duty Not Payable

Upon the incorporation of section 8 company in India, there is no stamp duty payable. And this happens because of its native nature, as it is against the provision of payment over MOA + AOA of a PVT (Private Limited Company.)

Advantages Of Incorporating A Section 8 Company

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Another huge advantage is – No Minimum Capital Requirement! And being so, there is no need to authorize or endorse to a minimum paid-up capital for the section 8 company.

However, the section 8 company is for the social or welfare cause, and hence, can be funded by the donations, endorse, authorize, etc from the public or its members at a larger scale.


This is a common advantage among all the registrations. This benefit illustrates that the management of section 8 company can be easily transferred from one director or member to another.

And this can be done by altering the composition of BOD (Board Of Directors.) a unique quality of the twin is – it can also be controlled by the shareholders of the company.

Credible Than ‘Trust Or Society’

Unlike other charitable organizations, section 8 company is more credible. And hence, It holds the advantage of credible than trust or society.

However, being an incorporated entity, It subjects to stringent reporting under the companies act, 2013, which too requires its mandatory audit every year.

Tax Exemption

The very first benefit of section 8 company is – Income Tax Exemption! Meanwhile, a section 8 company is subject to the tax @30 percent.

Whereas, if the company is registered under the section 12 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, then, the entire capital of the firm is tax-free. Often, the member donating to such organizations also get the tax benefit.

Least Stipulation For Section 8 Company Registration | LeadingFile

The least stipulation means the minimum requirement – made for a section 8 company registration in India. Needless to utter! Following are the least requirement made for the section 8 company registration:

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Minimum 2 Persons

A minimum of 2 person is required for a section 8 company registration, just to become the shareholder/director of the firm. Whereas, limit to the maximum number of shareholder can’t exceed 200.


No Profit Distribution

The requirement phase says that – the profit of section 8 company need to applied only for the furtherance of object of the company for which it is formed. Along with this, there is a prohibition on payment of dividend to its members.


One Resident Director

Among all the directors at least one should be a native of India. Well, a person is said to be native of India, when s/he stays in India for at least 182 days in the FY.


Social Or Welfare Objects

Social or welfare objects of the section 8 company should be established for encouraging ‘commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, development, social welfare, charity, etc.’

Documents Required For Section 8 Company Registration In India

Following are the documents required/demanded for section 8 company registration:

-:- elaborated as follows -:-

Identity & Address Proof

In general – the shareholder and director of a firm to be incorporated in, are required to hand over the identity & address proof.

Contiguous, PAN Card is mandatory for both personalities to get registered as a section 8 company. However, In the case of foreign nationals and NIRs, each and every document need to be notarized. And among all, any of the director must self-attest the first three required documents.

Identity Proof Of Shareholders & Directors

  • A copy of PAN Card from the Indian nationals, and
  • A notarized copy of passport from the foreigner, along with
  • Scanned copy of ID Proof, likely to be contained – Voter’s ID or DL (Driver’s License) from all the directors and shareholders with self-attestation.

Address Proof Of Shareholders & Directors

  • A copy of the latest statement of Bank or Telephone or Mobile bill or Gas bill or Aadhaar details.
  • Along with this, two of the documents must be valid, recent and less than two months old.

required document list

Proof For Registered Office In India

At this spot – the organization needs to have a registered office in India. Whereas, to claim the bout as an indexed office, a recent copy of any of the identity proof is required. Further, the required details are mentioned below. And the good thing is: your office need not to be a commercial space, it too can be your residence.

Along with this – DSC + DIN need to be submitted as the hard copy too, and all other documents must be signed and uploaded as the soft copy.

Registered Office Proof

  • Among all, any of the utility bill.
  • A scanned copy of the notarized rental agreement.
  • Another scanned copy towards the Sale Deed or Property Deed or Rental Accord or a copy of Tax Returns.

Signed Company Deed

  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) in the faith of Section 8 Company Registration.
  • Last but not least, a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord.

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How LeadingFile Succors With Section 8 Company Incorporation

After going through all the stipulation and necessary assumptions, let’s get cracked, how we succor in the incorporation of section 8 company.

LeadingFile: India’s ignite visible and one of the largest registrar of companies & secretarial compliances, assigns the best services among all the entrepreneurs.

Hence, opting us can assist you in registering a section 8 company registration within 20 – 30 working days, subject to the ROC, Govt, & Client processing time.

Free Consultation

Got Queries Over Section 8 Company Registration? Request a call to LeadingFile Secretarial Compliances Business Advisor.

Fill Up The Enquiry Form

Filling an enquiry form – is the very first step! Under this step, a manager will get in touch with you to get your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate.) Further on, you need to handover that enquiry form and all documents for the processing.

Contiguous, we will mail the documents list, which will be verified by our team experts and next they will proceed with the registration formalities. However, the complete procedure is kept updated to you by the compliance manager.

Section 8 Company Incorporation

Obtaining DSC + DIN For Directors

The second and most important step – obtaining DSC + DIN for the directors! In favor of section 8-(1)(a), (b) and (c) of the Indian companies act, 2013. 

Well, both DSC and DIN – (Digital Signature Certificate) + (Director Identification Number) respective to the short terms are needed for the proposed director of the section 8 company.

Quite the working days needed for obtaining the both DSC + DIN (Digital Signature Certificate) + (Director Identification Number) is 5 -7, subject to the Govt & client processing time.

Verification & Name Approval

After getting done from the second step, i.e, obtaining DCS + DIN for directors, LeadingFile experts will proceed with the application of your digital signature and subsequent to the verification & name approval process.

At this spot, you may assign a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 names to the MCA, but, the terms and condition is – names should be unique and subjective to the section 8 company registration.

Now the MCA will take approx 5 -7 working days for the approval of company name.

Apply For The License & COI

Later on, with the approved company name we will apply for the license and too will get the COI (Certificate Of Incorporation) for the section 8 company.

As off, the application is moved to the regional director of the MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.) The regional director of the MCA is vested with the authority to approve an application for the license.

At last, we will apply for the TAN & PAN, this overall procedure will take approx 10 working days, subject to the Govt processing time.

Section 8 Company Incorporation

The final step – section 8 company incorporation! Upon the company name approval and above amenity, our experts will file a final incorporation form.

This is done because, at last, we need to incorporate the documents along with the enquiry application form, supporting forms like – address proof, identity proof, etc from the directors to MCA, once again, for finalizing the incorporation.

Well, the ROC (Registrar of Companies) approval will be gained from the MCA within 2 – 3 working days.

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