Impact On Business: Frame Up & Down By Article 370 & 35A Revoking

Impact On Business - Frame Up & Down By Article 370 & 35A Revoking

Article 370 & Article 35A: Live Overview

Article 370 & 35A: Revoked (Removed)…!!!

Boom, it’s the real victory of India (Especially of BJP).

The till governments tried their best to junk the Jammu and Kashmir issue and deploy the large businesses in J & K. In an address to this, they even tried to revoke the article 730 & article 35A but they weren’t successful in doing so.

And here is the government #BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) which did it with an outstanding humour.

Yes – later a few weeks and days of intense prediction about Jammu and Kashmir, the government of Narendra Modi finally revealed its cards.

Literally, a single stroke of King – fundamentally changed the history of India’s relationship with the state Jammu and Kashmir.

Certainly, the king was none other than the Home Minister Amit Shah.

Towards the stroke, he himself addressed the Rajya Sabha in New Delhi on Monday (05 August 2019) and proposed the suspension of Article 370 – via Clause 3 of the Article.

To this article-clause, the presidential proclamation decides the article’s operationality or suspension.

The hearing started and soon the decision announced, and this time it was a big ‘NO’ to the operationality of article 370 & 35A.

Yeah, the article was marked suspended by the Upper House with 125 members favouring and 61 members opposing voice votes. Alike, the bill to create two UTs (Union Territories) was passed in the House with 370 members favouring and 70 members against.

Later, the bill on Tuesday (06 August 2019) was discussed in the Lok Sabha. There also, the bill got approval with 351 members favouring and 72 members opposing, while 1 member abstained.

Upon this all, President Ram Nath Kovind declared the suspension (abrogation) of the provision of Article 370 and Article 35A.

Going forth, in accordance with this suspension, the state will now be divided into two UTs (Union Territories), as follows:

  • Ladakh without a legislature.
  • Jammu and Kashmir (J & K) with a legislature.

All right, but what about the impact of Article 370 & 35A on the business of J & K? Let’s consider the same…

How Article 370, 35A Revoking Will Impact Business

How Article 370, 35A Revoking Will Impact Business

As with chess where the pawn can challenge the king… so also is the revoking which challenges the impact in business marketing.

Revoking for sure will impact the business and economy but this time might for good only/-

Here is what — the impact floated over the business by Article 370, 35A revoking — keep going…

Literally, later the article 370, 35A revoking – Jammu made a strong debut on the business field.

So, needless to mention that removing both the article is going to impact the business values. a lot. Also, the very decision of #Modi government is going to impact the lives of Jammu and Kashmir residents.

The possibility is – revoking of articles will improve the lifestyle of Jammu residents and business values too.

Going forth, the lazy growth in business investments in the very state can be signed out with the new data.

Have a look…

Business Investments Forecast

The above-shown graph clearly represents — 50 to 55 percent interval in the business investment of Jammu and Kashmir.

On and On, might this time the lazy investment is going out of the J & K.

Now, let’s consider out the impacts that will be floated on the business values of Jammu and Kashmir, as follows:

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Import Export Will Get A Fresh Jitter

Mark: To make your business stay and deal with the import-export in J & K, from now (5 August 2019), it will be mandatory to have the ‘Import Export Registration’.

Going forth, if you have that then well and good, if don’t then get it today; here: IEC Registration…!!!

Alas, it would have happened before…

Certainly, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh – both are going to face a fresh jitter in the import-export field.

Have a look…

Impact on Import and Export

The above-mentioned graph represents the “Imports and Exports Growth Tapers”.

To this, one can clearly see the India exports and imports data formerly and year-wise along with the forecast made by CIEC and Customs Trade Data will touch the sky this time.

All right, but what made the trade data fluctuate that much? An address to this is J & K article 370, 35A revoking.

Well, it is not like that J & K was null before this. A report says that J & K is the leading producer and exporter of dry fruits.

But with this revoking of articles, it is going to be an upper-level state of IE (Import-Export).

BTW, you know what – till, the mainstay of Jammu & Kashmir economy is the horticulture and floriculture products. But from now onwards the state will also grow up its GDP ratio along with the hand-loom and handicrafts products too.

So, all to say is Jammu and Kashmir is going to change a lot. Let it happen…!!!

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Industrial Estate Will Touch Sky

The initial estate data is out of the way as the new data has settled down considerably.

Yes, the forecast has come up by the directorate of economics & statistics of Jammu and Kashmir.

Have a look…

Industrial Estate graph for impact on business by article 370, 35A removing

Needless to mention, both — estimate and forecast as well is about to touch the sky this time. And the reason is none other than the article revoking.

Literally, the business growth of Jammu and Kashmir along with Ladakh will break up the record of initial estate data.

As of now, Jammu and Kashmir is home to about 53 industrial estates and 32, 226 small-scale industrial units with a business investment of over $793 mn. On the other hand, the estimate and forecast say that this data is out of the way now.

Somewhat, J & K is now an area of industries to be planted with.

An address to this is — “SteelBird”; Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer company.

This company has willed to set up its branch in Jammu and Kashmir after the removal of Article 370 & Article 35A.

So, alike industries will set up their branches which auto will keep the scale of industrial estate of Jammu and Kashmir crawling.

Last but not least, J & K is a true “Easy Of Doing Business” state.

Now, let’s consider out what exactly this article 370 is?

Article 370: What Article 370 Means?

Article 370; an article which gives special status to any of the region or state, which it applies to.

Wherein, it subsumes the transitional, temporary and special provisions.

Ongoing, the article applied and provided the special status to none other than the state — Jammu and Kashmir.

Hurray, for the first time — this special status was given to the state “J & K”. But until the 5th of August 2019, only/-

Mark: The article (provision) to apply such special status was drafted by Sheikh Abdullah (that time Prime Minister Of J & K, appointed by Maharaja Hari Singh and Jawaharlal Nehru) in 1947, in Part XXI of the Indian Constitution.

However, he for the state also argued on placing article 370 under “Iron-Clad Autonomy” instead of “Temporary Provisions”.

But, Abdullah’s wish didn’t came to be fulfilled.

And as of now, the article has been scrapped (removed), so, the state also don’t carry any of such special status.

Well, to this article, the state can carry its own separate constitution, a separate state flag and also a separate autonomy over the internal administration.

Not only this much but the state government also can apply all other laws except the finance & communication, defence and foreign affairs laws.

Even with the applicability of article 370, the centre has no power to declare any financial emergency under article 360 in the state, it applies to. Contrarily, the only power centre government left with is to declare an emergency in the state in case of war or external aggression.

All-In-All, the Jammu and Kashmir residents lived a completely different life to that of the other Indians.

Also, this was not the only article which was applied to the J & K. so, let’s start with the next article…

Article 35A: What Article 35A Means?

Article 35A: an article which is also known as “Permanent Residents Law”, supports article 370 and allows the legislature of the state to define permanent residents of Jammu & Kashmir.

Well, it arrived a bit late to that of the article 370 but with the arrival of same, article 370 become much more powerful.

Now, you might be thinking when article 35A arrived?

Ease; it was something like 1945 when it was inserted on the advice of PM Nehru under article 370 by then President Rajendra Prasad.

But this was not the actual arrival of article 35A. Whereas, it came into effect from 14th May 1956.

Going forth, the time it got approval, the state’s constitution defined a permanent resident to the followings:

  • Those who were the state loyal,
  • Who were the state resident for the past 10 years, and
  • Those who acquired the immovable property, lawfully.

Meanwhile, from 14 May 1956, no outsider can own the property or get a state job in J & K.

But now it is not so, and from the 05th of August 2019, anyone – anytime can own whatever s/he wants to own in Jammu and Kashmir.

Road ahead to “Live Conference On J&K Article 370, 35A Revoking” with our experts.

Scenario 1: Experts are saying — BJP kept their manifesto lines.

Also, in some ways, the prediction and move should not be a bit surprising. They did what they said.

Scenario 2: Upcoming J & K is going to be “Brighter”.

Yes – the future of Jammu and Kashmir is translucent clear and even said to be brighter.

Hear more from our experts on same, visit @LeadingFile or type a comment here only/-

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