E-Verify ITR Through ICICI Net Banking [Case Study @LeadingFile]

E-Verify ITR Through ICICI Net Banking [Case Study @LeadingFile]


If I tell you to ‘E-Verify ITR Through ICICI Net Banking’, I know you won’t do it…!!!

Well, even I wouldn’t. It’s too much weird. But, for the case study towards simplicity, I moved on the way — how to e-verify ITR through icici net banking. And guess — what I noted. Nothing is more simple than e-verifying ITR via ICICI net banking.

However, I make a deal with you — if you e-verify your tax return via ICICI bank net banking or even via ICICI online mobile banking and don’t hit the simplest method. I will help you to move out of this for free.

And yes, this is not only for Indian ICICI net bankers. But ICICI net banking NRI’s too are also eligible for this deal. Literally, it is super easy and simple.

That’s how confident I am about ICICI net banking e-verification.

But as said – “before applying any solution, be aware of the root causes”. That too, you don’t have to be anymore!

All right, but what this e-verification is? Ease; it is known as electronic verification, and to our concern e-verification of ITR (Income Tax Return) is mandatory, although this system is already regulated by the governing body in the whole country.

Many of the individuals that pay tax (taxpayers) to the government have to follow certain guidelines in order for the ITR process to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Note: In accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1961 – citizens of the Indian nation whose earnings fall in the income tax return slab (Income greater than 5 lakhs) are obligated to file their returns at the end of every financial year with the IT (Income Tax) department.

Again, considering the lifted subject i.e ICICI net banking ITR e-verification, as — visit the infographics along with the mentioned theory to deal with the same…

E-Verify ITR Through ICICI Net Banking

E-Verify ITR Through ICICI Bank Net Banking: Step Tutorial

Before all, what you need to do is — ICICI bank account verification.

Mark: In order to e-verify your ITR through ICICI net banking method, please make sure that you have the ICICI bank account || verified account, and account to be logged in with the net banking. Meanwhile, you should be ICICI netbanking login authorized.

Yes, it is mandatory to verify the ICICI bank account to activate ICICI net banking login infinity.

Certainly, on the account of which you can easily e-verify your ITR (Income Tax Return) via ICICI portal service or ICICI net banking app.

Note: If you still have any issue with the ICICI bank amenities than ICICI customer care India toll-free number is here: 1800 200 3344.

Going forth, follow the steps given below to e-verify your ITR through ICICI net banking or ICICI online banking portal service…

Visit ICICI Bank Official Website

Visit ICICI Bank Official Website

Yes, for sure you will need to visit the ICICI bank official website. After all, the entire process of e-verification will take its run-up position from there.

So, to begin with, visit the same by clicking here — ICICI Bank.

Note: Secure ICICI bank login! For which || To which — always make sure you access websites that have HTTPS security and avoid compromising your critical information to cyber-criminals.

What next? Next is to speed up your process and look for “LOGIN” button — located next to the personal banking tab over the top menu-bar.

Going forth, from the same menu-bar tab, you can choose either of the internet banking methods. Also, remember that you need to click over the tab, just take your pointer over that and a drop-down menu list will be to you.

The options to select are as follows;

  • NRI Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Money2India
  • Money2World
  • B2 Digital Banking

Eventually, select the way you like to go and later to the selection, click over the “Login” button — located next to the particular selected net banking method.

Upon doing so, you will be looking at another window. Usually, this window will ask you to provide the “User ID”, “Password”, and often will ask you to select the “Start In” manner.

Straight ahead, upon filing the details – click over the “Login” button. And once you click over the same, it will take you to the dashboard of your ICICI bank account. A GIF illustrating the same is as follows –

Visit and login to ICICI Bank Official Website

E-File: Income Tax Return

E-File: Income Tax Return

Subsequently, upon reaching the dashboard; look for the “PAYMENTS & TRANSFER” menu within the menu bar.

Found? If not then have a view of the same…

E-File Income Tax Return via ICICI Bank

Now, you might have found the menu bar. So, what are you waiting for? Click it or just take your cursor over it. Doing so will again open a drop-down menu list, illustrating the following points —


Among all, you need to go with “TAX CENTRE”. And once you click over it, you will visit a window illustrating the e-statements and interest certificate to download, tax reforms to pay, and e-file/e-verify your tax returns option.

And as of now, we are here for the e-verification of IT returns. So, we are also supposed to go with the “e-file/e-verify your tax returns” option.

An image illustrating the same is as follows:

E-File Income Tax Return via ICICI Bank Step 2ndFor the sake of same; click over “E-FILE NOW” button. Doing so will open a small pop-up, asking you to accept the terms and condition. If you agree then click over the “SUBMIT” button.

For instance, have a view…

E-File Income Tax Return via ICICI Bank Step 3rdE-Verify Your IT Returns

E-Verify Your IT Returns

Wondering — what do now? Don’t panic; keep going… The further ongoing process is completely similar to that of all the e-verification methods.

Don’t worry, we will not be leaving your hand in between of the way. Here we go…

Certainly, the time you click over the “SUBMIT” button, you will be redirected to the e-verification portal. By reaching their, opt the “My Account” option. An image illustrating the same is as follows:

Step 1st Towards ITR E-Verification

What next? Next will again open a drop-down menu. Later, you need to select the “e-Verify Return” option. Similarly, an image illustrating the same is as follows:

Step 2nd Towards ITR E-Verification

Accordingly, by opting the “e-Verify Return” option, you will be facing all your returns which are not e-verified till. Going forth, go against the return which you wish to verify and click over the “e-verify ” link next to it.

An image illustrating the same is here…

Step 3rd Towards ITR E-Verification

The time you click over it, as usual — a pop-up will appear asking you to continue or cancel the e-verification process of that particular income tax return.

To which — the judgement “Continue” will take you to the next step whereas judgement “Cancel” will take you back to the pending returns.

The confirmation message – image is as follows:

Step 4th Towards ITR E-Verification

And if you really wish to e-verify that particular ITR (Income Tax Return) then click over the “Continue” button at the dialogue prompt to confirm the e-verification of IT returns for the given financial year.

However, doing so will display a message on your screen that your return has been successfully verified. Also, you will be provided with an Acknowledgement Number.

Not only this much but you will also be sent a link to download the ITR-V Acknowledgement. Certainly, for downloading it click the “Click here to Download” attachment link option.

5th Step Towards ITR E-Verification

Congratulations, you’re done with the complete in-and-out process of e-verifying an income tax return. And yes. this leads to the end of the e-verification done through ICICI portal service.

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